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    "Jet Airliner" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Steve Miller Band

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    Misheard "Jet Airliner" Lyrics

    Big 'ol Aunt Jemimah
    We go to jail in a line-up
    Big ol Carol Lina, don't carry me to Par
    Bingo Jed had a light on...don't carry m
    Big ol' Jenny Delightful...
    We were gonna jam with the light on,But
    Bingo Jed had a light on, Old Gary he's
    There go Chad and LionelDon't carry me t
    Pick Jed out of the lineup
    Bet ya, Jan I love ya
    Big Ol' Jam and a wino
    "big 'ol Chet had a light on"
    Viggo, Chad and Lionel
    Big Old South Carolina
    We're gonna jam in a lighthouse
    We're gonna jam at the lighthouse.
    Bingo Jed had a light on
    we're gonna tear that line up
    big hotel with the light on, don't carry
    Bingo Jed and Lionel!
    Being me back, oh Lionel.
    Oh, Big ol joint I light up. Don't carry
    beagle in Carolina, can't carry me too f
    Oh, oh Big Ole Jed had a light on Dont c
    Big ol' Jed & Alannah, don't carry me to
    Pink hotel Carolina
    Oh Oh Keep on Down With the Light On
    Jingle, Jed and the whino
    Me: Big 'ole Carolina My mom: Big 'ole
    Big Old Jedi Liner
    big old jed had a light on
    We all chat at a line-up Don't carry me
    Big old Chad left the light on
    They gonna tear down the lighthouse
    Big ol' Jed and Alina
    We're gonna jet out a rhino
    He bailed hay on a rhino.
    Big Hotel With the Light on...
    Bingo Chad and Lionel...
    Big ol' jet outta 'Lina
    Oh, Oh big ol' Jed had a light on Don't
    Viggo's jet eyeliner
    Bingo jet had a light on.
    "beego jambo wino, don't carry me..."
    Big old jet had a line up
    Big ole Janet Alino
    We're gonna clear that line up
    Big ole Jeb and the Liners
    We're goin down to Carolina but dont car
    Oh, Oh big old jet carolina.
    Big old jedi lionel
    Big hotel had a light on
    Big ocean airliner
    Big Hotel with the light on
    Big ol' chair in a line-up
    Take a chair and line up
    We gon' party by the lighthouse
    Big ol' wet vagina
    Oh we gon' chow down on Lionel Don't car
    We go tear that line up Don't carry me t
    Big ol' Chad had a lineup-don't carry hi
    Big old jam at the lighthouse.
    big ol wet vagina
    We're gunna jam wit da light on We're he
    Big ol' Jed O' Linah, don't carry me too
    big old jet had a light on
    We're gonna jam and light up
    We gonna tear that line up
    big o Jan left a light on
    Big ol' jam in the lineup
    Big ole Joint and a lighter Going to car
    big ol' Jed in a line-up dont carry me t
    pick old Chad out of a line-up
    But oh Carolina
    Big Ole Jed and Delilah
    Big Ole Jed and Delilah
    big ol' Janet and Lino..
    I was a radio DJ and had a phone in requ
    Big old jet at the lighthouse.
    Big ol Chad had his lights on so I guess
    We go down Carolina...
    Oh big ol' Chad had a lighthouse. Don't
    big old jet had a light on
    Big old Jed had a lighter
    Big ole cheddar rhino
    Big hotel with a line-up
    Can't go down with the lights on
    "Big 'ole hairy vagina, don't carry me t
    Bingo Jeb put the light on
    Big ole jam in the line up!
    We go Carolina
    Big Ol' Jed in a lineup...
    Big old Chet Arlina
    We goin' to Carolina
    Oh, Oh big ol' jet Out of 'Lina Don't ca
    Oh, Oh big ol' jet Out of 'Lina Don't ca
    Big ol' Jeffery the Rhino, don't carry m
    There goes Chad and Lionel
    Big ol' Nor'h Carolina
    Big ol' jet gotta ride on, don't carry m
    Bingo Jet Had A Light On
    we dont jam with the light on
    Oh, Oh Big ol' Jed had a light on Don't
    But ole Jed had a light on
    Big ol'Jed on the lino don't carry him t
    big old jed and milo
    We gon'a tear that line up....
    We go down to the lighthouse
    Better not get outta line-o
    Big ol' jet AT A LIGHTHOUSE
    Big ol jig named Lionel, don't carry me
    1.) big ol' jed ate lina 2.) big ol' jed
    Big ol' Jedi Liner
    Big ol jans a liar, dont carry it too fa
    We gone tear that line up
    Big ol' Jared Lightle
    Big Ole Jed Had A Light Out
    But ol' Jen Elaida, don't carry me too f
    Vigaro jet and a lineup
    bingo jet had a light on
    There goes Jed & Lionel
    Big ol' Jed had a light on
    Big ole Gel-Haired Lionel...
    Big ol' jet outta 'lina
    Jingle Jan and Lionel
    big 'ole jed's got a lighter
    Pink Hotel with the light on
    We go' (gonna) jet and light up
    Big old Jed had a light on
    Big ole wet hairy gina
    Ohhhhh big old Jed in the lighthouse, do
    we don't care about lionel
    Big Hotel Had a Light On
    Big old Jen had a rhino
    "Please don't tell that Elijer"
    Key don't chair Carolina
    Big old Jen had a strap on, Don't carry
    Big old Jed and the Lighthouse
    Big Hotel With The Light On
    Bigo jeda lino
    Pink hotel and a rhino
    We don't shout after Lionnel
    We go down at a line up. Don't carry me
    Big hotel with a light on, don't care if
    Big ol' Jed left a light on, electric bi
    Big ol' chair and a lighter Don't carry
    Big Ol' Jed had a light on
    Big ol' Jed and Lionel
    Big ol Jed Had to light up
    We gon' tear that line up
    We go jam at a lighthouse, We don't carr
    We go down in a line up
    Big ole Jed and Lina, Don't carry me too
    He bailed hay on a rhino
    Big Old Jed Carolina.
    Going to Carolina
    Please don't step outta line ya
    Big ole red *agina carry me to me home.
    Oh, Big old Chad at the lighthouse Don't
    Big ole genital liner
    We all chat at a line-up, don't carry me
    Big old Jed and the line-o.
    "Big ol' Jed in a lineup"
    We go down Carolina
    We go down to the line up...
    Big old June had a light on
    We go jet airliner

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