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    "Enter Sandman" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Metallica

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "Enter Sandman" by Metallica? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "Enter Sandman" Lyrics

    Take my land, and golf to get another ha
    Dreams of wars dreams of lies dreams of
    Its just the monsters in your bed In yo
    Ginger wars, Ginger liars, Ginger dragon
    Eggs Delight. Eggs Delight.
    Excel Light. End Tonight.
    Ammstel Light
    Amstel Light, after night
    Keep your free throws in
    Dreams of war, dreams of liars Dreams of
    Eggs s**t light
    in your coffee in your hand
    Amstel Light
    Eggs are white, eggs are nice
    Dreams of war Dreams of liars Dreams of
    In golf I never, never led.
    Sleep with every woman
    Don't forget my son, Do it to everyone
    "Dreams of war, dreams of lies, dreams o
    Eggs delight
    ...and the baked apple pie, Yeah!
    and a baked apple pie...
    And a baked apple pie.
    Sleep with one eye open Gripping your bi
    Extra light, until night
    Sleep with one I always, grippin your pi
    Sleep with one eye yoda
    secret one eye only
    Amstel Light
    dreams of war dreams of liars dreams of
    eggs delight eat at night take some brea
    Instant Light! All Right! Take my hand!
    Exit bike, Enter bike
    Dream's of war, Dream's of lies, Dream's
    Enter knife, exit life
    ay-sah-rye,ay-so-righ, take me hall, a-b
    Hush little baby, don't say a word And
    Dreams of war, dreams of lies, dreams of
    eggs delight
    Excelight, and tonight
    X delight, Until night
    Austin never never lands
    sleep with one-eyed old men, gripping yo
    dreams of war, dreams of liars dreams of
    Ecstacy! Land a night!
    keep one eyed gophers,having a pillow fi
    Dreams of war, dreams of liars Dreams of
    Excell Light Answer Night Take My Hand W
    Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pi
    sleep with one thigh open bite on your
    Tuck you in, always been, get your free
    And a baked apple pie!
    And of baked apple pie, yeah!
    exit life, enter knife
    Xcelite End in Sight Take my hand Off to
    i tuck you in, keep your freethrows in
    "...Dreams of dragon's fire, and of bake

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