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    "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Nirvana

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    Misheard "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Lyrics

    Look what I've found! This is dangerous!
    All I want is / mashed potatoes a mosqui
    A mulatto, an albino, and Filipino playi
    Here we are now; we're contagious.
    Here we are now, Mashed potatoes
    Here we are now, in retainers
    Here we are now, hepatitis
    Here we are now, in containers
    A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, jalape
    I put two pigs, In containers!
    Here we are now, m********e us!
    Here we are now in potatoes.
    "let me die now, let me die now..."
    With the lights out it's less dangerous
    I see pooped and contagious Hair is in n
    I'm a skater Not a beater
    I'm a nightgown
    This time I'm gonna stand up, b***h Out!
    I'm a Night Elf
    bloody night all
    Every life time is in stages And we're a
    hell if I know, hell if I know, hell if
    I'm a skater Amd my feet hurt
    Bloody Bagel
    She soiled a wall herself a shirt i know
    Here we are now, in retainers
    Here we are now, its contagious
    Let me die young
    Runny toenails Runny nails! Runny toenai
    Help the stupid they're contagious
    No more pumpkins
    Helau, helau, helau, alaaf
    I am senile, I'm a bleeder A mosquito,
    Life is stupid education
    Turn the lights out, at the steakhouse H
    We're not punk gods
    I'm a skittle
    A mosquito, in my burito
    I'm a Night elf,I'm a Night elf,I'm a Ni
    Jambalaya! Jambalaya! Jambalaya!...
    Bring the tights out, It's a snake dress
    And I forget just why the tasty yellow g
    Well we don't know if it's dangerous. An
    My walk on comes
    Life's so stupid and contagious
    here we are now entertain us and weve al
    I walk on coals to bring your friends to
    A mosquito and the beetle
    Ananial, ananial, etc.
    With the bikes out, with the pain is us!
    Hello,hello,hello Kahlo
    And we all now, have retainers
    "I'm a lotto, I'm albino, I'm a skate-o,
    And we don't know, Amadeus,
    I walk on guns bring your friends just
    help the stupid they're contagious
    Smallest girls to the tent.
    soda and gum, sing to your friend Its fi
    Im afraid-a/ my tomate-a!
    A mosquito, not a beetle
    Load up on girls, bring your fringes, Fu
    Bloody night owl
    Up and at 'em And I'll pine, oh I'm a sk
    A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, Pat Mo
    Here we are now, we're retainers!
    hell no, hell no, hell no, hell no...
    Bloody Nylons Bloody Nylons
    Heroin up now Intravenous
    Don't be stupid, it's contagious
    I'm a lover, I'm a fighter, I'm a skater
    I'm a rhino I'm a bottle I'm a skittle I
    thirty nine all
    look what i found a potatoe here we are
    A gellato, I'm a Bible, I'm a skater, No
    with a needle acids painless
    Win the line-out, Missus Davis, Here we
    smells like team spirit
    I hate nylon! I hate nylon!
    In the night out, its festagious here we
    Here we are now, irritate us
    and we don't like...baked potatoes
    Well the line's out... hit the stages!
    Mint Milano Owl bile I'm a schizo And a
    Little punk kids bring your friends
    Low up on drugs, bring your friends Frit
    adah na naaaaaaaaaaa ada na naaaaaaaaa!
    I'm a skater in Barbodos, Yay!
    Here we are now, we're retainers!
    a mosquito, not a beetle
    I spent my lifetime sick; I'm contagious
    Get your kit off and your trainers!
    With an eye out. Its contagious.
    here we are now; weird potatoes...
    load up on drugs, kill your friends, its
    Your uncle called said bring a friend, i
    Hello,hello,hello,I'm low/so low Where
    Meow, meow, meow, meooww
    I'm a skater Jalapeno.
    with an eye out.. its contagious
    i'm a laid on to everybodo i must kill t
    here we are now, Imitate us!
    But I'm just stupid, and contagious and
    I wasn't what I confessed
    Want a light out? It's contagious!
    With the lights out at the station We're
    No don't bonk guns
    A mulatto, an Albino, a mosquito, MY Bur
    Load up on drugs, kill your friends
    I'm so horney-Thats ok my Willies dead
    I'm a night owl I need Midol
    Here we are now, entertainers Of the stu
    Here we are now, entertainers Of the stu
    Win a Lada, Mrs Davis
    Turn the lights out it sustains us Here
    Hello punk gods, I'm a friend.
    La di da, ya'll!
    Load up on gum, And bring your freinds..
    Im the lighter I'm a fighter I'm a skate
    I 'm a Beatle!
    We're the last out it's a stage dress he
    Hello Angels this is Jesus Here we are n
    i will go down with this s**t
    a milano an albino a mosquito merichino
    load up on guns and bring ur friends as
    With the lights out, It's less dangerous
    Bloody nile
    I am starkers, and couragious!
    here we are now,this is dangerous
    a mugato a big rhino im a skater and i f
    here we are now, entertainers they are a
    Well, the lights out It's a strange dres
    I'm Nirvana, I'm Nirvana, You're a shake
    Im a taco witha beans yo im a skato im a
    For the last time, Jesus saves us Here w
    Bloody Nylon
    Watermelon, Mashed potatoes..
    a menudo, al pacino ,im a skater, your a
    Here we go now, mashed potato
    Adenoidal, adenoidal, adenoidal...
    Dont Be Scared By the Fear
    Here we are now, mashed potatoes!
    A mulatto, an albino, have a bagel, how'
    When the lights all, hit the stages, her
    I'm a ladder. I'm a pagan. I'm a skater.
    Here we are now, entertainers We are stu
    Life is stupid, and contagious
    Turn the lights out, hit the stages
    Bloody liar! Bloody liar! Bloody liar!
    A lambardo, an albino, im a skater, padr
    I like meatloaf, and potatos
    Colorado, Arizona.
    With the lights out in the steakhouse
    What did I do thats so upstagious
    Hello, hello, hello, i dunno Hello, hell
    Here we are now, it's contagous
    Roddy Doyle (an Irish author)
    Well the lifestyle/ it sustains us.
    With the lights out, it's much brighter
    It's the life-blood that sustains us, he
    Here we are now, mashed potatoes
    A mulatto An albino A mosquito A Burito
    with the lights out, smashed potatoes an
    When the lights out MASHED POTATOES!
    Here We Are Now, Anateus
    A Millano and a rhino a mosquito by the
    There's a lighthouse, it's contagious He
    a mullato an albino a mosquito and a bee
    Here we are now life's contagious
    I'm a skata.
    With a lifetime in a stained dress Here
    Hello, Hello, Hello, Al-co-hol
    I'm all blotto, a mosquito and a beatle!
    Load up on guns Kill your friend Those f
    Seems as teen spirit
    Life is stupid and contagious Here we ar
    Turn the lights out, Hit the stages
    I'm in Ihop, I'm in Ihop,.....
    Here we are now in containers life is st
    Here we are now, educate us
    I'm a paedo!
    Going, going to s**t cargo... Going to s
    It's a stained dress earwig ho now, lev
    I'm the Nile! (X9)
    A Potato Miss Alano A Mosquito A lumpy D
    Here we are now, Imp Potatoes
    I'm a Skittle; I'm a Beatle
    In a lotto Imma buy more I'm a-scared of
    a mulato, and a bottle imma ***thole, on
    Here we are now, in the tailors
    With the lights out, sex is dangerous He
    I'm a ladder I'm a fighter I'm a skater
    Here we are, now imitate us
    Bloody nylons! Bloody nylons!
    I'm worse in what I do best And for this
    Well, the lights out, this is dangerous
    I made a poop
    Here we are now, eat potatoes
    I walk on cars and bring a fez.
    With the lights out, it's sex dangerous
    I will light on, I'll abide on, I must
    I'm a lion, I'm a vinyl, I'm a skittle,
    Here we are now, with small Asians!
    Hear bees are loud Empanadas Final Runes

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