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    "Dancing Queen" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Abba

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    Misheard "Dancing Queen" Lyrics

    Children dance, children die Having the
    See that girl watch that swing Digging
    when they play the right music, everythi
    Dancing Queen, Feel the heat, Orange tan
    Gassing cream, eat a bean off the tapest
    Gassing cream, eat a bean off the tapest
    You can dance, you can dive Having dime
    See that girl, watch he scream Singing d
    See that girl, watch that scene, chicken
    from the calvary
    See that girl, watch her scream, kicking
    You are the pants machine, young and swe
    All the way to the Jazz Marine!
    Your adhesive's turning one Flip it over
    dogs can swim with only seven teeth
    You're in the hoover dam
    Beat your meat by the fax machine.
    Pee at girls, watch that scene, dig in t
    Gassing cream ate a bean from the bland
    Dancing queen Had the sweet Of the seven
    you are the dancing bean feel the touch
    You can dance,You can die;
    You can dance, You can judge, Having the
    Dancing queen, was a bean, with methamph
    ooh, ooh, see that girl, watch my seat,
    dig in the dancing queen
    you can dance you can jive
    You can dance, You can jive
    Dancing queen feel the beat of the seven
    You can dance, You can jump high
    Dancing Queen Feel the meat on my tanger
    "...Lord! Your cheesecake is terrible!/L
    Dancing Queen, Kiss the feet of the Naza
    You can dance, you can dive… …Feel the
    Take a chance, You are high, Having the
    Dancing queen young and sweet only seven
    You can hide
    You're adhesive, terminal
    You've come to look for a kiss
    Union Jack, Union Jack
    Your adhesive will turn him on.
    You can dance, you can die.
    You are the dancing queen, something gre
    You can bounce, You can dive Having the
    Dancing Queen, feel the meat on the tang

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