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    "Living On A Prayer" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Bon Jovi

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    Misheard "Living On A Prayer" Lyrics

    Take my hand and swing it in the air
    Woah oh, shagging on a chair
    Gina was a dyin' of aids
    Baby is love gay? So gay.
    Tommy used to work on the dots,you,you'v
    Gina works the diner all day Working for
    Livin' on a crater
    Gina works despite her old age
    "Oh....Mickey Mouse swears"
    Whooah, were halfway there Oh, standing
    Oh, we're head waiting/Livin' on a praye
    Take my had, we're naked i swear
    It dosen't make a differece if I loose m
    Workin' for the man, she brings to her b
    Whooah, were half way there Livin on a
    Jango was battered all day.
    "Gina must have died of old age"
    Onion's been on strike
    Living on a prairie
    take my hand,we're naked, I swear
    Oooh, I'm living on a square
    Give it all a breath
    Oh oh, shaggin' on a chair
    take my hand and we're naked i swear ohh
    Wooaah, live in an eclair
    You live for the fiber, that's all that
    Oh- an afro there Oh-oh leave it, oh - w
    Livin on credit
    Take my hand, and take it elsewhere now.
    Ohhhh! We're head wavin'!
    oh, oh, living on a square
    oh, oh, living on a square
    We're living on bread.
    "Take my hand, in a minute I'll swear...
    "Leaving on a train"
    Take my hand and we'll make a nice sweat
    Whoa-oh, Livin' on a Chair!
    ...Oh, We'll make it, Time Square!
    It doesn't make a difference if we're na
    [...]We're half way there Livin' on a hi
    He's down on his little kid's tush
    Gina was adyin' of AIDS Workin for the m
    skiddy underwear
    When she cries in the night, Tommy whisp
    Gina was a-dyin' of AIDS Workin for her
    Gina wants to die of old age
    Living on a prarie
    Gina was a-dying of AIDS
    Gina works at Donna Raday's
    Goddess on a mountaintop (like in the so
    Now he's an old man, when he used to mak
    Tommy used to work on the dog.
    Living on a plane
    We’ve got each other and that’s a lot f
    Woah - oh, Living on Bread, LIVING ON BR
    Tell me is the world gonna die
    Falling of a chair
    Baby he's all gay
    Gina dreams of dyin of old age
    Whoa we're halfway dead Whoa-oh Livin on
    gina warks is dying 'old age
    Gina was a-dyin of Aids
    Woooaaa, were head wavin'
    She cries in the night-time at Christmas
    oh I'm halfway there oh oh sniff her un
    Oh, oh we're hand waving... Living on a
    Living on a Prairie
    Tommy's got a six string harp, now he's
    It makes a big difference if your naked
    Gina dreams of dying of aids.
    Take my hand, and make it all sweaty.
    So, what's up?
    Johnny used to twerk on the docks.

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