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    "Jeremy" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Pearl Jam

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    Misheard "Jeremy" Lyrics

    Jeremy's smokin' crack today.
    Jeremy broke his ass today
    Jeremy's poking m********e
    Tyrany spoken here today.
    Fear will be spoken, hey, yeah.
    Jeremy Spaulding is dead.
    Tell of these forces that derailed the t
    Jerey's broken glass vase.
    Jeremy spoken class is dead
    Jeremy broke his a** today
    Jeremy's broken today.
    Jeremy smoked his last weed
    jeremy spoke in clearlessly
    Jeremy spoke in blasphemy.
    'My jaw left hurtin' oooh dropped ow tyl
    Jeremy spoken lastly
    Jeremy's broken glass today
    Bitterly spoken yesterday
    Jeremy's spoken. Class dead.
    Tell me, smokin', hey, hey, hey, hey
    Jeremy's smoking grass today
    Jeremy the wick head
    At home Drawing pictures Of mention hops
    titty tokin'class today
    he hit me with a surprised laugh, my jaw
    Jeremy Spalden died of bug spray
    Jeremy smoked in class today
    Jeremys moaning, here he lies again
    Jeremy spoke hand a glass today.
    Jeremys born and... hes gay...
    "Jeremy's smokin"
    palm trees
    Jeremy Spokane's last day
    Generally spoken as it is
    we will eat the lion
    "Jeremy Smokin' glass bidet."
    Jeremy's Open, Yesterday
    Jeremy smallhands...
    Jeremy's from Spokane, and he's gay.
    Jeremy's broken yesterday
    ...We don't eat spoiled ham class today.
    They're on me Spalding! Cassady!
    At home, drawing pictures Of mounds of t
    Terribly spoken, yesterday
    Tyrany spoken here today.........
    Jeremy's smokin' grass today
    Jeremy's smokin', crack today
    Weather bee's spoken
    "Jeremy's fallin,' yes, hey."
    Jeremy's smoking' grass again
    Daddy didn't give a f**k, so
    Jeremy smoked some ham yesterday
    Tear these broken wings away.

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