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    "We Will Rock You" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Queen

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "We Will Rock You" by Queen? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "We Will Rock You" Lyrics

    You big disc brakes
    Waving your bladder all over the place
    We will, we will rob you.
    You big fish-face
    Somebody better put your back into your
    Waving your feather all over the place
    Waving your batter all over the place
    Sonny, you're a man just singing along,
    We will, we will f**k you
    Somebody better put your bag into your f
    Kicking the cat all over the place
    Gonna make you a zombie someday
    You got mud on your face You big disgrac
    Gonna make you some beef someday
    Buddy you're an old man, poor boy Be you
    You got butt on your face your big goose
    Kicking your cat all over the place
    Playin' with her eyes gonna make you zom
    We will, we will f**k you
    Waving your can all over the place
    we will we will f*ck you
    Shakin your blubber all over the place
    kickin' your trash all over the place
    We will, we will f**k you or: Wheel Whee
    We will we will f**k you
    We will, we will, Sock you, Sock you.
    kicking your camel over the face
    Wavin' your fanny all over the place
    You got mud on your face You big disgrac
    Waving your pecker all over the place
    Kicking your cat all over the place
    puddy you are decoyes make a big nose pl
    'you've got mud on your face, you big fa
    Kicking your kind all over the place
    You got Bud on your case, he slapped yo'
    Somebody betta put a bag over your face
    You beat this grace Kickin' your cat all
    Wii Will Wii Will rock you
    we will, we will f**k you
    Kicking your cat all over the place...
    Bleatin' with your ass
    Buddy you're a boy make a big nice cake
    Wavin' your sweater all over the place.

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