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    "Little Red Corvette" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Prince

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "Little Red Corvette" by Prince? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "Little Red Corvette" Lyrics

    Baby rat call back
    Little Veal Cutlet
    No rubber baby, give me the keys.
    pay the rent come back
    Gimme a Rest Colette
    We the rent collect
    Feel it comeback
    Pay the rent, Collect!
    Pay the rent, come back
    You bet, Collette
    Mildred, come back
    If you need a way, call me
    pay the rent carmet
    by the way you popped your collar...
    Living comet.
    Eww, wet Eww, wet
    Cigarettes don't effect
    Leave and come back
    Mir-a-cle Whip
    Feel a bet comin'..
    she had a pocket full of horses, childre
    Little wrinkled rat, baby you're much to
    Pay the rent by cheque
    Baby, come back!
    Video rent come back, baby you're much t
    Video S.O.S.
    Give me head, Collette
    Lead the way, C'mon Baby!
    Miracle Man
    My Sister mis-heard them as "Pay the Ren
    pay the rent collect, baby youre much to
    1-800 collect
    Little Revco Man
    La-dy Come Back
    paying the rent collect
    Pay the rent,come on back
    Living in Quebec
    And you got the rice... I say the righte
    Little red courgette
    get laid in a red corvette
    Calling collect
    Ruuuuueben Cooome back!
    Pay the rent on the convent
    Baby a welcome man
    Feeling come back.
    Pay me the rent and come back Baby I'm j
    I guess I should've known by the way you
    Call me collect
    Bill me collect
    Pay the rent Collette
    Meteor red comet
    Baby you bet call back
    Leave it, Colette. Baby, you're much too
    Do you recolle't (recollect)
    Miracle whip - baby you're much too fas
    Real Men Call Back
    Living co-ed!
    I guess I should of known By the way you

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