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    "Raspberry Beret" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Prince

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "Raspberry Beret" by Prince? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "Raspberry Beret" Lyrics

    Raspberry parade . . .orRaspberry sorbet
    She ate a raspberry parfeit, the kind yo
    She wore a red spherical ring
    The rain sounds so cool when it hits the
    She Wore Rags Miracle Rags The kind you
    Red, spherical dress
    She wore a raspberry blue dress the kind
    Red Lyrical Dress The kind you find in a
    D'you wanna dance Sherry-Marie
    She was a Fast merry-go-round
    She had red vericous vains , and it look
    She wore a rad berry corday...
    She was a rad, miracle babe
    raspberry arcade
    Ray, magic ray
    She was a rasberry today
    She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you
    Raspberry or grape
    Braaaaass miracle ring, the kind you fin
    She wore red varicose veins.
    She wore rags, beautiful rags, The kind
    vast varicous veins
    She had raspberries for brains
    Red Spherical Dress
    Built like she was, she has a big ass ah
    Now older cats stray and never turn me o
    Mad Miracle Girl
    She wore the rags baby the rags, the kin
    She wore a brass miracle ring
    She had red varicose veins
    Cranberry Parade
    She has raspberries for brains
    bad varicose veins
    It was a red miracle ring ...
    she was a dance miracle babe!
    She threw a raspberry grenade.
    Red spirit beret
    Lance Miracle Whip
    she wore rags barely covering
    she was a glass miracle ring
    she had baaad vericose veins
    she had baaad vericose veins
    it was a glass miracle ring!
    Rain sounds so cool when it hits the bot
    She ordered a raspberry parfait
    Rats marry their friends
    Trans-vertical rain

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