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    "Pour Some Sugar on Me" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Def Leppard

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "Pour Some Sugar on Me" Lyrics

    Take your body, shake it up! Break your
    Sometime, anytime sugar these beets
    Awesome! To the night and day!
    Russell and Judy Bombay
    Pour some sugar on me--if you need more
    You got the peaches / I got the beef
    you got the bleach and I got the jeans s
    Put some chicken on the grill
    Possum, do your own thing.
    Sweet dream, saccharine, Lucy Liu
    Hit me like me like a bomb baby come and
    Awsome sugar-plum hey!
    pour some sugar on bread
    Pour Some Sugar On the Beans I'm Gonna
    Sweet potatoes, Zachary!
    Pour some shook-up Ramen In the age-old
    Awesome Sugar On Glay
    You got the beat cause I got the beat.
    Poor son, shoot your own leg
    Take the pilot Shake it up Break the bu
    Foursome shook on a tree In the name of
    You got the b**thes I got the heat!
    Hot down, shoot'em hombre...
    Television woman, can I be your man
    Television wonam, can I be your man?
    Livin' like a lover with a red eyed bong
    Love is like a bomb, baby, cmon get it o
    Pour some sugar on mud
    Boys get super hungry
    Purr on boulevard...yay!
    What's your juvenile name
    I got the b**thes, you got the dough, sw
    You got peaches I got the cream, Sweet p
    Pour some sugar on me Ooh, in the name o
    for 20 years i swore they were saying "o
    Awesome soup d'anglais
    Warzone, shoot your own man
    You got the pieces, I got the creed
    Awesome super pony
    Oh no! s**t cake! Poor Me!
    Love songs shoot their own way
    Rock on, shoot the thunder
    come on baby fatten me up
    Awsome sugarplum hey
    living like a lover in a red-rye thong
    Boys Come to the Un-Gay
    Porcelain sugar on me
    Eat a sugar omelet.
    Sweet to taste..Daiquiries
    Awsome super-hombre...
    "The Rick James sugar. One lump or two?"
    Pour some shook up Ramen
    love is like your mom, baby, come and ge
    Aewsome, Cherry Bombay
    Sweet dreams, little beams, lucifer.
    Mo-town shoo-be-do babe... Sweet in has
    Put Some Shoes on Me
    take your body, shake it up
    pour some sugar on me, if you need me ca
    Awesome thing about love
    "Devil Is A Women, Cannot Be A Man"
    You're awesome, choose your own way!
    like a red-owl phone
    welcome to the hombre
    sweet to taste sample me
    Poison to your own blood
    sweet potatoes, sack of beans
    Take the bible, shake it up
    Poison shootin' on me . . . in the neigh
    Put a choker on me.
    sweet titties, sacharine
    for my head head head to my Future!
    Pour some soup upon me...
    Awesome, Coolio, yay!
    Here comes Zunya all love
    awesome jupiter love
    Sweet to taste... Sour to eat
    Awesome shooting, hombre
    More cost shoes in bombay AND Dammit i
    I got the b**thes, you got the weed
    Pour some sugar on me, and i need a hug.
    Boys from junior high know
    Shake it like a Bon-Bon
    Birdsong, Sousaphone, love.
    You got the bleachers, I got the seats
    Pour some shook-up Ramen
    Livin' like a lover with a red IPhone
    Take the fire, shake it up
    Sweet potatoes, sour cream
    Hey miss Mussolini, with Zuchinni!
    Mail me like a bomb, baby come on get it
    Lookin' like a tramp, like a dirty old m
    Sweet potatoes, sack of beans
    Step inside, walk this way You and me ba
    Hot town sweet on love
    Livin' like a lover with a red iPhone
    Poison, shoot your own way, in the name
    Boys from Sugartown Bay
    Livin' like I love her with a red iPhone
    Livin' like a tramp, like a greedy old m
    Oh no shoot the hombre
    Pour some sugar on me C'mon, fatten me u
    Living with a lover with a red IPhone

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