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    "Life In The Fast Lane" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Eagles

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "Life In The Fast Lane" by Eagles? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "Life In The Fast Lane" Lyrics

    Pipe in the vaseline.
    Hot in the'll surely make
    Lice in the vaseline
    Wipe in the Vaseline
    park in the gas lane
    I Do the Bad Things
    i saw the bat train
    I did the vaseline
    Faster, Faster, my legs are turning red!
    Flies in the vaseline guaranteed to ruin
    Dr. says he's coming but you gotta hurry
    Life in the vaseline, Surely makes you l
    Find me the vaseline!
    "he was brutally hansome, she was termin
    Flies in the'll surely ma
    I dig the fast lane, surely make you los
    slide in the vaseline
    Don't let the sound of urine on wheels d
    Life in the VAseline
    She was eager for action, she was hot bu
    Lice in the Vaseline
    They threw outrageous parties out in Bev
    pike in the bass lake
    I do the bad thing
    Dr says he's coming but you got to finis
    He was brutally handsome and she was ter
    Flies in the vaseline
    flies in the pass lane
    Flies in the Vaseline
    Flies in the vaseline
    He was a hard-headed man; he was ruder t
    by jera bass lane
    Hand in the Vaselne
    Flies in the bathroom Surely make you lo
    They had one thing in common they were g
    my swollen ass vein
    Life is a back strain
    Eat her for love, pot for the game.
    Bikes in the fast lane
    Life in the vast plain
    Wipe in the Vaseline
    Hop in the bat plane
    Life in the Vaseline
    Doctor says he's coming, but you got a

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