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    "Smoke On The Water" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Deep Purple

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    Misheard "Smoke On The Water" Lyrics

    Slow, cousin Walter
    Slow motion Walter, the fire engine guy.
    Smoke on the water Papaya in the sky
    Lloyd's coming closer with fire in his e
    Smoke whatcha wanna
    Slow motion Walter, Fire engine guy.
    Smoke on the water, a fire in disguise
    Don't touch my daughter, I'll poke you i
    Slow comin'Walter, fire in the sky
    Slow common worker
    boat on the water mast in the sky
    'Til some stupid with a flagon Burned th
    whole lot of blubber
    We all came out to Montreux On the Lake
    Smoke under water
    Smoke may be hotter, Fire makes me die
    Slow running water
    Slow-coming Walter
    Slow Uncle Walter The fire engine guy
    Smoke Marijuana, With the Fire Engine Gu
    Smoke coming water
    Slow walking Walter, the fire engine guy
    Slow talking Walter, the fire engine guy
    Slow comin' woman, fire in disguise
    smoke marijuana, it gets ya really high
    "Snow comming water"
    Smoke under water, A fire engine guy.
    Slow comin' Walter
    Oh, tell me what oh A fire in disguise
    ...some stupid with a flagon
    Slow running water.
    We ended up with Dick's flannel tape, an
    Smoke weary walter, the fire engine guy.
    We all went down to Montreux - on the l
    Butt like a moron, tire in the night.
    Butt like a moron, tire in the night.
    Slo' walking Walter, With fire in his e
    Frank Zappa and the Mormons Were at the
    We all came down from mountain To the la
    we all went down to mothra
    Smoke under water
    Steam on the windows, Shampoo in my eye
    F*ckin' clown was runnin' in and out
    smokin them oysters
    Some stupid motherf**ker Burned the plac
    Snow covered woman
    Smoke colored water, is fire in disguise
    Cold running water
    But with rolling drunk stones playing ju
    Oooooh it's 'cause I'm wanted, by the FB
    Whoa, cousin Walter, Afire is this guy.
    smoke colored water, fire in your eye
    Smoke on it Walter, fire up some fries.
    Slow coming Walter....
    Slow Coming Water Fiire In The Sky
    Smoking Walter The fire engine guy
    Slow conga Walter, the fire engine guy
    we all came down the mountain on the laz
    Smoke coloured Water
    We all went down to Montreaux - Operati
    1) They burned down the gambling house,
    Slow running water
    Slow walking Wlater, The Fire engine gu
    Smoke covered horses.
    With Frank Zappa in my mother
    Slow mtion Walter, the Fire Engine Guy
    Snow covered woman. Fire in the sky.
    (a).Slow Walking Walter, The Fire Engine
    Slow motion Walter a fireman in disguis
    Slow motion Walter, fire engine guy
    But some student witha f**-got Burned t
    Slow motion Walter, the fire engine guy
    Some f-ing moron runnin' in and out Pull
    Pokin' your daughter Fire it in her eye
    Slow coming water fired in the sky.
    We all came out to Montreaux On a raging
    We all came out to Montreux On the way t

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