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    "Loser" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Beck

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    Misheard "Loser" Lyrics

    So high on Methadone
    Soy on my candy corn
    I will lose your baby, so fly home and k
    Soooo o-open the door
    Son open the door
    Soiled from head to toe I'm a loser baby
    So I get the door
    Soiled Panda Door
    So I opened the door
    Boy, I'm a Labrador. I'm a loser, baby,
    Oh, candy corn, I'm gonna lose your baby
    Sorry, I dont look good at all.
    So, walk out the door
    So I walk out the door, I'm a loser baby
    Sore, open the door
    Someone get the door
    fartin on a termite who's chokin' on the
    Soooooooo, Canada!
    So you never know
    I'm a lizard, baby, so why don't you kil
    Soil on the milky bone
    I'm a little baby, so why don't you kill
    I am a pompadour! I'm a lizard baby, so
    So I opened the door....I'm a loser baby
    Soy un ganador
    So.. don't offend the door
    sore I walked in the door
    Soiled, Nude Pantyhose Im a loser baby,
    So open the door
    Boy on Poopyfloor
    Sooooo, I walk at the door
    Soooar genitals
    Sorry I walked into the door
    So here we go.... I'm a looser baby so w
    I'm elusive baby, so why don't you kill
    Someone go and get the door
    someone came a sayin Im a saint so compl
    So, you impair the door
    I'm a lizard baby So why don't you call
    so? why open the door? im a loser baby,
    Im allusive baby, so why don't u kill me
    Shave your face with some Mace and a dog
    Sorry, no more candy-talk
    So, I won't pet the dog.
    So I'm from Canada...
    Soar on a candy cure
    So, oh, open the door, I'm a loser baby.
    Soy for a cancer sore I'm a lizard's bab
    Soy un pendejo.
    Soy Milk, and Vegetables
    Sore, right on through the door.
    Soy up in my oats
    So, head to toe
    With the plastic-ass balls
    My boyfriend was signing them: "Sore fro
    So no one cares at all, I'm a loser baby get the door
    Soiled, from head to toe.
    Soar over Equador... or Sore Aunt Elenor
    Sooo open the door
    So...overrate this door...
    Boy, open up the door
    So I walked in the door
    So I don't get the door
    Sore from head to toe, I'm a loser baby
    Sooo Indigo
    So I opened the door
    So ... oh-oh good to go
    So you impair the door
    Soy, don't ope[n] the door.
    Sore on my candy door I'm a loser baby,
    So go wan equedor (whatever that means h
    Dog food SKULLS with the beefcake pantyh
    Soiled from head to toe
    Sore, oooh from head to toe! I am a lose
    Sore over Benidorm
    Chewing on the gutters
    Sore, oh, from head to toe
    soyyyy candycorn
    Sorry, no more candy talk
    So in Canada
    Soooooo get the door
    So, I won't close the door
    Soya on femidom
    Soy on the kitchen floor
    Edward is a llama
    Forces of evil in a Pozo nightmare
    With the plastic eyeballs, spray painted
    "Sore hand in the door. I'm a loser baby
    Soooooiled mandible

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