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    "Hey Say Louise":

    "Hold me, l♥ve me, hold me, l♥ve me.
    I ain't got nothin' but l♥ve girl,
    Hey say Louise..."

    Artist: The Beatles
    Real Lyric: "Eight Days A Week":"Hold me, l♥ve me, hold me, l♥ve me. I ain't got nothin' but l♥ve girl, Eight days a week..."

    The story:

    Was listening to this as an ∞8∞ year old on a lil'
    'National-Panasonic 7-transistor radio'(with the
    little strap & the cream colored 'crystal' ear-
    piece) the local Top 4O AM station in the NYC
    Metro Area, & didn't catch the label the D.J.
    gave, but knew it was The Beatles due to their
    unmistakable & fab '4our-part harmony' (counting
    "Ringo's" Ludwig drum set), but only heard the
    "...hold me, l♥ve me, hold me, l♥ve me..." & the
    "...I ain't got nutthin' but l♥ve babe,
    hey say Louise!"
    It didn't help matters much that I just recently
    saw Maurice Chevalier on early 1966 B&W TV in The
    Marx Bros. "Monkey Business" (hey, hey we're "The
    Monkees"?) whom the Beatles were always being
    compared to at the time (The Marx Bros. not "The
    Monkees" ;D) in a cameo singing "You Brought a New
    Kind of L♥ve to Me" w/ the line "...if the
    nightingales could sing like you..." (& your bird
    can sing? Hmmm...) & also saw him doing "Louise"
    on some TV show, so it was only natural since the
    Beatles' "Michelle" just came out with it's,
    "Michelle, ma belle", sont des mots qui vont très
    bien ensemble...", in French no less, my lil' ∞8∞
    year old brain was confused & thought they were
    continuing that Gallic frame-of-mind regarding the
    fair "Louise" that Monsieur Chevalier started sooo
    long ago (I found out later - in 1929!);
    The French stuff confusion in my baffled mind was
    further exacerbated when they later released "All
    You Need Is Love" (luv) with "La Marseillaise" at
    the beginning of the tune.
    Then when I went to see "Casino Royale" (the funny
    one) in late '67, the first opening scene with
    star Peter Sellers had graffiti that read 'Les
    Beatles', & though Sellers was one of the 'James
    OO7 Bond' imposter's in it, he was also (in his
    day job) Inspector Jacques Clouseau- another
    Frenchman -as well.
    Considering all this, how could it NOT be
    "...hey say Louise...", right?
    Boy was I a MAJOR dummy when it was revealed to me
    much later- 2 years later -that the 'once-&-
    future' "Sgt. Pepper's =Lonely Hearts= Club Band"
    as their alter-egos The Beatles instead of the
    stupid "Hey say Louise" were actually singing the
    perfectly logical sounding "8ight days a week.∞"!
    Who knew?
    "Every little breeze seems to whisper..." ;D

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    Ha! Yeah they sing that in the background on "Paperback Writer". You've good ears man.

    Betelgeuse Jun 26, 2013 11:41 am

    "Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques!"

    Serendipitydoo May 26, 2013 2:22 pm

    She certainly was.

    Betelgeuse Oct 08, 2012 4:40 pm

    You mean Louise Bourgeois, the artist? Clever.

    Serendipitydoo Oct 07, 2012 8:56 am

    Bourgeois? Chevalier may have been familiar with.

    Betelgeuse Sep 07, 2012 9:23 am

    The Beatles may very well have sung "Hey Say Louise" (even though they didn't) as George Harrison's sister is named Louise, as well as Paul McCartney's (then) future first wife, Linda Louise Eastman. Wonder if Maurice Chevalier was aware of this?

    Serendipitydoo Aug 13, 2012 11:27 am

    Yes. And did you ever hear Maurice Chevalier sing "Le Sous-Marin Vert"?

    Betelgeuse Nov 20, 2011 1:25 pm

    Ever see that Monkees episode that had them doing essentially "A Hard Day's Night" in Paris? Shot on very grainy film, like The Beatles' own "Magical Mystery Tour", or like a documentary.

    Serendipitydoo Aug 30, 2011 1:52 pm