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    "Heart Of Glass" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Blondie

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    Misheard "Heart Of Glass" Lyrics

    Riding high I'm lost in a Jewish lie
    The cheese in life tastes better
    Once I had a love and it was a blast. So
    Riding high I'm goin thru a jewish life
    Mutual mistrust
    Would you mistrust my small behind?
    1. Heart attack 2. formaldehyde (first
    Once time love, I use to have ... Love's
    Moosha mish mush, last time behind
    Superman's got a heart of glass.
    Mucho mistrust, love's naughahyde
    Who to mistrust, not naugahyde
    Mucho mistrust, my small behind
    March to the Jewish line
    You cheesey like the devil.
    What a lovely p***ycat
    Yea, I'm high, I love the new Jewish la
    muncha mistrowse, love's gotta behind
    Macho mistrust like Barbara Hynes
    you're cheesy like liver
    What a lovely p***ycat
    Riding high on lots of jewish lifes.
    its just no good you cheesy monkey you
    Once had a love and it was a blast Soon
    Getting high on love's a jewish lie
    Your cheesy like a bedwetter
    The cheese in life tastes better
    It's just so good You tease me like a ny
    Love from behind
    You cheating armadillo
    You're cheesing like a dead bird
    Riding high My love's along the Lewis Li
    Whodja see first? Love's Naugahyde
    Yeah, riding high although I'll do a Jew
    Flying high, I lost to a Jewish guy.
    Friendship is just, not far behind

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