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    "...another Pleasant Valley Sunday, here in status
    in Boullé..."

    Artist: Monkees
    Real Lyric: "...another Pleasant Valley Sunday, here in status symbol land..."

    The story:

    Was reminiscing w/ an ol' bud "G" (short for Greg)
    about the weird stuff from our childhoods in NJ as
    a possible entry in an ish of WEIRD NJ (natch), &
    we traded & bounced around anecdotal accounts of
    strange people, crazy men & women, possible
    "ghosks", "flying saucers", etc. the staple of
    late night talk radio shows, radio that, alas!,
    once used to play ♪music♫.
    Anyway, was recounting going up to the Eagle Rock
    Reservation in West Orange NJ overlooking T.
    Edison's "Black Mariah" studio, as well as the
    rest of the Oranges, Newark, Harrison, Kearny,
    etc., & a spectacular view of the NYC skyline, &
    about how in 1967 we (mi familia) were lO-Oking
    through the pay-as-you-view binocular device & a
    sudden Summer rain swept through the area (w/o the
    neat Johnny Rivers' tune) consequently we had to
    seek shelter in a jiffy, under the many trees in
    Eagle Rock Park while waiting for the downpour to
    Luckily no thunder & ↯lighting↯, but...
    Rain stopped & everything was like ruined for the
    folks who were grilling wieners, burgers, B-B-Q
    chicken, ribs, chops, & other carnivore treats at
    the campgrounds. In their haste of getting out of
    there some left items that seemed to be ruined,
    like paperback books, magazines, & most were
    indeed soggy, drenched, but fortune smiled as
    there was a stack of LIFE & LOOK mags that were
    safely on one of those red 'n' white plastic
    checkerboard pattern tablecloths, under one of the
    largest trees w/ ample branches, lots of leaves, &
    except for the mag on top, a LOOK, & some of the
    bottom, they were relatively unscathed, & among
    them was a LIFE ish featuring Charles Addams
    having a contest over what the new "Addams Family"
    addition would be named (Pubert?). Then more
    interestingly was the LIFE w/ UFO pictures that
    were really something to see, IN COLOR, & hauled
    these ol' mags back to the car (under my Mom's
    protests) to read on the way home via Eagle Rock
    Rd. intersecting Pleasant Valley Way, for indeed
    that was what the song was about, Pleasant Valley
    Way in West Orange NJ, as super-singer/songwriter
    Carole King lived there at the time the song was
    written (but I was unaware of this in '67 of
    course, nor could care less, at age 10).
    One of the post POPular Rock songs written by one
    of the most prolific & talented Rock songwriters
    (going back to NYC's Brill Bldg. days) for the
    most POPular (some would say "pre-Fab") Rock
    groups since the U.K.'s Beatles, right around the
    corner from Eagle ROCK.
    Flashforward! So now "G" tells me he had tickets
    to see The Monkees in concert in PA recently, and
    he did, they were quite good even after 45 (!)
    years, so curious I asked if they performed
    "Pleasant Valley Sunday" & he indicated "Yeah",
    but then added that he didn't know that the lyrics
    for "Pleasant Valley Sunday" weren't part French.
    French? Huh, wha?!
    Well he always thought the line was like Beatles
    lyrics for the (aforementioned) "Michelle", partly
    French or French sounding, as he thought for the
    past 44 years was "...another Pleasant Valley
    Sunday, here in status in Boullé...", thinking
    that they were referring to writer, Pierre Boullé,
    author of "The Planet Of The Apes", known in the
    original French as, "La Planète des singes" &
    translated in 1963 for UK publication as (ta-da!)
    "Monkey Planet", 5 years before the Charleton
    Heston cult-movie phenom.
    Coincidence or just...weird?
    I'm still incredulous, and not sure if I'm fully
    And it's Boulle NOT "Boullé" w/ an ac'cent.
    Now that that's cleared up, feel like whistling
    the "Colonel Bogey* March" from that other Boulle-
    based classic movie "The Bridge On The River

    *But as to why "bogey" (singular) — in 1914?
    Let no man tell, I'm no foo...
    "...I can see it now...whatever this thing is it's
    big...two cylindrical projections on top, one
    below...purpose in status-
    symbol land..."

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    Krauser's in West Orange NJ, on the corner of Harrison Avenue & Kirk Street. "number 9...number 9...number 9..." Happy UFOing!

    C_G_Jungle Apr 19, 2014 12:02 pm

    Like your STAR TREK "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" ending, incidentally just went to the Krauser's

    C_G_Jungle Apr 19, 2014 11:55 am

    "Dormammu, Dormammu!" --- Doctor Strange

    Betelgeuse Jun 26, 2013 11:46 am

    Ya got me @ "Paperback Writer" already. Is this like a "knock-knock" joke?

    Betelgeuse Jun 26, 2013 11:44 am

    "Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques"!

    Serendipitydoo May 26, 2013 2:25 pm

    "Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques"!

    Serendipitydoo May 26, 2013 2:25 pm

    "♪We're so sorry, Uncle Albert Salami...♫", BTW wasn't he related to or also worked for— Sgt. Pepperoni?

    Betelgeuse Sep 17, 2012 1:08 pm

    Man, you and your pal captured the '60s perfectly with The Monkees, Planet Of The Apes, UFOs, even a Star Trek episode. Captain Mantell, Foo Fighters, got that too.

    Serendipitydoo Aug 30, 2011 1:59 pm