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You've got this new hair filled up with smoke
I've got my bangs all tangled close
My new jukebox plays frequently
'the safest place to hide'

Real Lyric You've got this new head filled up with smoke
I've got my veins all tangled close
To the jukebox bars you frequent
The safest place to hide
Artist Taking Back Sunday (Click for more)
Song MakeDamnSure (Click for more)

Misheard is:

Not Funny

Story was funny.

I misheard it that
way too!

The story:

Yeah, when I sang this verse out loud my sister just turned to look at me, and was like, 'wtf did you just sang?"

I was totally confused, I literally thought this was what he said, and I explained to her that for months I thought he was using a metaphor to describe the passionate lovemaking him and his girlfriend just had...I mean come on, think about it; he's describing that her new hairstyle was filled up with smoke, meaning like fire! cause she was still feeling hot, and his bangs (which he does have bangs btw) was wet from his sweat. And he was mentioning that the song that was playing in the jukebox was 'safest place to hide' which was reference to that backstreet boys song.

But clearly I was mistaken when she showed me the lyrics online to convince me. *sigh* Whatever, I still think my version is goes with the general meaning of the song anyway,

Submitted by playingwithfire
Submitted on 12/16/2009 10:25 pm
Age it happened 20
Better than original? Yes
Convinced others you were right? Yes
Was partying involved? No

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