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    Artist: Toto

    Song: Africa

    The misheard: I left my brains...

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    Artist: Statler Brothers

    Song: Eve

    The Story: Don't eat the fruit in the garden, Eden,, It wasn't in God's natural plan., You were only a rib,, And look at what you did,, To Adam, the father of Man.

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    Artist: Queens of the Stone Age

    Song: You Can't Quit Me Baby

    The Story: You smell like goat, I'll see you in hell

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    Artist: Starship

    Song: Sarah

    The Story: All the b***h had said, all been washed in black

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    Artist: Iron Maiden

    Song: The Prisoner

    The Story: And my blunt is my ho now

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    Artist: Pearl Jam

    Song: Jeremy

    The Story: At home, drawing pictures, Of mounds of tots, With ham on top

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    1. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Travelling Band
      747 called my daughter the scout
    2. Slipknot: Psychosocial
      Burning Mississippi
    3. R.E.M.: What's The Frequency Kenneth
      this shop bends a train, a-ha, I was plainly locked up - no,, not up to Spain
    4. The Who: Baba O'Riley
      Charlie take my hemp, Travel south crossland
    5. R.E.M.: What's The Frequency Kenneth
      You wanna respect this s**t, f****n on a, umm, ah-ha
    6. Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love
      You cut me up in the night, , Keep bleeding, I keep keep bleeding love
    7. Bobby Fuller Four: Let Her Dance
      "Sweater vest! Sweater vest! Sweater vest!"
    8. Bobby Fuller Four: Let Her Dance
      "Sweater vest! Sweater vest! Sweater vest!"
    9. Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer
      I kicked a rabbit
    10. Disturbed: Fear
      "Peace on the nigget."
    11. Elton John: All quiet on the Western Front
      To face the fear of goat shops dear
    12. Cher: Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
      Thieves, thieves, tramps and thieves,, We'd hear it from the people of the town, They'd call us, Thieves, thieves, tramps and thieves
    13. Taylor Swift: Blank Space
      Got a long list of Starbucks lovers they'll tell you I'm insane , cause you know I love the players and they love the game
    14. Fall Out Boy: Centuries
      Remember me for centuries, And just one mistake, Is all it will take, We'll go down in pisstory
    15. Rednex: Old Pop In An Oak
      Old Pop in I know, Pop in I know,, Gwans Chickeneers I could ling the show,, Am I ever gonna to see my Pop in an Oak,, Am I ever gonna to see zee pop in a smoke
    16. Martin Garrix: Don't Look Down (feat. Usher)
      Do you feel the nine men inside of you?
    17. Kim Carnes: Bette Davis Eyes
      She's got better days to fry.
    18. John Legend: All of Me
      My head's underwater but I'm breathing fire
    19. Juice Newton: Queen of Hearts
      Playing at another life, Making Bud Light fried
    20. Marina and The Diamonds: The Outsider
      Inside the apple cider
    21. Crosby Stills Nash and Young: Ohio
      Oh Daddy, oh hi ho
    22. Frankie Valle & The Four Seasons: opus 17
      if he ever leaves you iodine
    23. Elton John: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
      I can sink a little drink and shout out, "to the lake" (or "to L.A.")
    24. Eric Clapton: My Fathers Eyes
      Look into my butterflies
    25. Radiohead: Punchup at a Wedding
      Hypocrite, Al Pachino....
    26. Maroon 5: Moves Like Jagger
      My eagle is bent
    27. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Blinded by the Light
      Wrapped up like a douche.
    28. Cinderella: Night Songs
      I need a shot of gasoline , I'm in Room 16 , I get so hot at sixteen
    29. Elton John: Daniel
      I can see the reptile eyes heading for Spain
    30. The Who: Eminence Front
      Its an M&M Lunch
    31. Rolling Stones: Beast Of Burden
      I'll never leave your pizza burning
    32. Slipknot: Spit It Out
      f*** Me, I'm all out of bitter beans, spit it out, all you wanna do is stare me down, all I wanna do is stampede out
    33. Fall Out Boy: Twin Skeleton's(Hotel in NYC)
      There's a room in a hotel in New York City, The chairs are fake and deserve our pity
    34. Bee Gees: More Than A Woman
      Bald headed woman, bald headed woman for me.
    35. Hollywood Undead: war child
      Got a fat kitten in my beat up trucks
    36. Guns N' Roses: Welcome to the Jungle
      And you're a married sexy girl. it's very hard to , believe
    37. Abba: Gimme Gimme Gimme
      There's not a soul out there,, No-one to feel my breasts...
    38. Eve: Let Me Blow Ya Mind
      Don't butt that gloot in your ear, Now let me blow ya mind
    39. Sabaton: Panzer Battalion
      Death in the shape of a handsome Italian; Cannot , outrun our handsome Italian
    40. Sabaton: Night Witches
      From the depths of Ellis Island
    41. Justin Timberlake: Cry Me A River
      To all the n***** scared about it.
    42. Rihanna: Umbrella
      You can run into my arse, , It's okay, don't be alarmed,, Come into me
    43. Iggy Azalea: Black Widow
      like a black little baby
    44. Fall Out Boy: The Phoenix
      And I'll change you like a penis!
    45. Fall Out Boy: Uma Thurman
      I'm gonna kick you like an oaf
    46. Timbuk3: The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
      My teacher's so bright, I gotta wear shades
    47. Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train
      Nipple wounds not healing, Life's a bitter shame, I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train, I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train
    48. Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train
      Nipple wounds not healing, Life's a bitter shame, I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train, I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train
    49. Hymns: Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
      A zombie, a zombie, Jesus wants me for a zombie... I'll be a zombie for Him.
    50. Whitesnake: Fool For Your Loving
      I was born under a bus sign, left out in the cold.
    51. Fall Out Boy: Twin Skeleton's(Hotel in NYC)
      The chairs are pink
    52. Heart: Heartless
      Hot Mess Hot Mess! Never out of control, Hot Mess Hot Mess! Sin in the name of rock and roll ! , Hot Mess Hot Mess thinks it's so cool to be cold, Never realize the way love dies when you crucify it's soul
    53. The B-52s: Rock Lobster
      Everyone had magic towels
    54. Fetty Wap: Trap Queen
      And I get robbed with my baby
    55. Doors: L.A. Woman
      Idiot woman, idiot woman,, idiot woman, in the afternoon
    56. Sublime: Wrong Way
      The only family that she's ever had, Is the seven HUNDRED brothers and a drunk-ass dad
    57. Boston: Peace of Mind
      I undersand about indecision but I don't care about F.B.I.
    58. Nelly: Ride With Me
      With three women in the fold with the goatees
    59. Elton John: Crocodile Rock
      I remember when Iraq was young
    60. Sia: Elastic Heart
      Yeah, I messed up and I move on
    61. Blondie: The Tide Is High
      I'm not the kind of girl whose ear's are just like , tack.
    62. Fifth Dimension: Aquarius
      Known across the Georgian River
    63. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Blinded by the Light
      Revved up like a douche,, Another runner in the night
    64. Taylor Swift: Blank Space
      Gotta love them Starbucks lovers, They'll tell you I'm insane
    65. Rihanna: Cheers (Drink To That)
      Get my Wheat Thins on and I'm fellin' hella cool , tonight
    66. Devo: Girl U Want
      She sends out an aroma under my nut, It drips on down in a mist from my butt
    67. No Doubt: Spiderwebs
      Sorry i'm not home right now I'm rocking in this spiderweb so , leave a message and I'll call you bear
    68. System Of A Down: Old School Hollywood
      Jack Gelardi eats 10 fee tolls
    69. Bob Welch: Sentimental Lady
      Sentimental little men fall into my life again., Sentimental lady, you're the one.
    70. Steve Miller Band: Jet Airliner
      Oh, Big old Chad at the lighthouse, Don't carry me too far away., Oh, oh big old Chad at the lighthouse., Cuz it's here that I want to stay.
    71. Elton John: Crocodile Rock
      Suzie wore her dress-up pants, Cra-a-rocking was out of the side.
    72. Elton John: Crocodile Rock
      Long night crying by the record machine, Dreaming of my Chevy and my Ovaltine
    73. Sir Mix-A-Lot: Baby Got Back
      I like big bucks in a can of lard.
    74. Madonna: Ray Of Light
      Slicker than a spray of s**te...
    75. Iggy Azalea: Black Widow
      I'm gonna love ya like a black little baby
    76. Simon and Garfunkel: Cecilia
      You're shaking my coffee staaain
    77. Nina Sublatti: Warrior
      I'm a wire
    78. Electro Velvet: Still In Love With You
      Won't steal the fellas
    79. Electro Velvet: Still In Love With You
      I know you're sinking
    80. Elhaida Dani: I'm Alive
      Will I ever hear this painful scorch?
    81. Elhaida Dani: I'm Alive
      Your name is printed crystal clear on Lars
    82. Goldfrapp: Lovely Head
      Stilts in my belly,, Then up to my house,, Into my mouse, I can't keep it shut.
    83. Ed Sheeran: Lego House
      If you're a broken arm ninja, I'll keep you sheltered from the , storm that's raging on, now
    84. Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?
      Simmer down and f*** her up
    85. Abba: Mama Mia
      Just one look and I can hear about rain.
    86. Iron Maiden: Be Quick Or Be Dead
      Quack quack!, I'll be damned!
    87. Robbie Williams: Advertising Space
      I've seen the dark side on TV, I was scared but I wanted to.
    88. David Hasselhoff: Looking for Freedom
      Awwbe looke for freedom
    89. Drake: No Tellin
      Still drinkin' Henny every time I take a deuce, hey
    90. Prince: Raspberry Beret
      Rain sounds so cool when it hits the bottom roof
    91. Doobie Brothers: China Grove
      Well you're talkin 'bout tally ho. WHOOOOOA TALLY , HO!
    92. Sammy Hagar: I Can't Drive 55
      Baby black or white, come and scratch my boob again.
    93. 2 Chainz: We Own It
      We got big girls
    94. Juicy J: Bandz A Make Her Dance
      I'm just puppy in pants
    95. 2 Chainz: I'm Different
      Pull up to the scene with my silly Missy
    96. JLS: Beat Again
      Losing your poop at the end of me
    97. Eminem: Love the Way You Lie
      Seventeen, but your temper's just as bad as mine is
    98. Eminem: Love the Way You Lie
      Maybe that's what happens when I tolerate 'em, it, so f**k , Caden
    99. Eminem: Love the Way You Lie
      Jess got a Stan there and watch me burn, That's alright , because I like, Dwayne hurls
    100. Eminem: Love the Way You Lie
      And my wimp fight / And I win a fight