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    Latest Misheard Stories

    Artist: 2147

    Song: Eve

    The Story: Don't eat the fruit in the garden, Eden,, It wasn't in God's natural plan., You were only a rib,, And look at what you did,, To Adam, the father of Man.

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    Artist: 1021

    Song: You Can't Quit Me Baby

    The Story: You smell like goat, I'll see you in hell

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    Artist: 306

    Song: Sarah

    The Story: All the b***h had said, all been washed in black

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    Artist: 156

    Song: The Prisoner

    The Story: And my blunt is my ho now

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    Artist: 246

    Song: Jeremy

    The Story: At home, drawing pictures, Of mounds of tots, With ham on top

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    1. Selena Gomez: Hands to Myself
      "Oh, 'cause all of the girls in the alters, , Keep making love to each other..."
    2. Taylor Swift: Love Story
      Don't be afraid we'll make it out of business
    3. Bill Withers: Give Me the Beat Boys
      Give me the beach boys
    4. Demi Lovato: Cool for the Summer
      I can keep a secret kid, with you
    5. Bobby Fuller Four: I Fought The Law
      Reagan rocks in the hot sun
    6. Traditional: Carol of Bells
      King Donkey Kong, that is their song.
    7. Cale Dodds: Acting Our Age
      Just sucked an orange
    8. Bobbie Gentry: Ode to Billie Joe
      Billie Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahassee , Bridge
    9. Sia: Cheap Thrills
      I love cheap churros.
    10. ABC: When Smokey Sings
      But skip the hearts and flowers, skip the Eiffel Tower
    11. David Bowie: Suffragette City
      Don't lean on me man,, 'cause you're California chicken.
    12. Drake: One Dance
      Focus on your face, front face, back face
    13. Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines
      Baby can you breed a cactus from Jamaica? It always works , for me, I call it "tooth decayer"
    14. Foo Fighters: These days
      One of these days, their balls will drop
    15. 3Oh!3: Don't Trust Me
      Don't touch her, no, Never touch her, no, Don't touch her,no, and don't touch me
    16. Miranda Cosgrove: Kissin U
      My debts fade away when I'm dissin' you
    17. Bruce Springsteen: Jungleland
      The hungry and the hunted / Have started a rock and roll , band
    18. Michael Jackson: Dirty Diana
      I need a hand *ob now
    19. Stevie Nicks: Edge Of Seventeen
      Just like the wide ranger sings a song sounds like , she's singing
    20. Soulja Boy: Donk
      Chainsaw (x8), Chainsaw with it, Chainsaw with it, Chainsaw with it, Chainsaw with it
    21. Metallica: Fuel
      Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme double Charizard
    22. OneRepublic: Counting Stars
      so no more calendars
    23. OneRepublic: Counting Stars
      so no more calendars
    24. Bob Dylan: Like A Rolling Stone
      Do the bump and grind, in your prime
    25. Twenty One Pilots: Clear
      Imposter, Ben Foster, then my new father drank my dirty , blood.
    26. Dan Fogelberg: Longer
      We'll fly through the BOSTON summers ..
    27. Britney Spears: Toxic
      With the taste of a poisoned pair of dice
    28. Megan Martin: too cool
      too cool for my dress , they shave only my head
    29. OneRepublic: Counting Stars
      so no more calendars
    30. Ariana Grande: Into You
      So, baby come invite me up, and maybe I'll let you on it
    31. Justin Timberlake: Can't Stop the Feeling
      I got this feeling inside my balls
    32. The Weeknd: Earned It
      Screw your Birthday / Screw your Boyfriend / Screw your perfect
    33. Puddle of Mudd: Psycho
      Maybe I'm a wall. , Maybe I'm a wall, that is, a skittle throwing psyco.
    34. Live: All Over You
      I love memes like Walter
    35. Sia: Cheap Thrills
      Gotta do my hair, put my make up on
    36. Fall Out Boy: The Mighty Fall
      And swallow, swallow the cheese...
    37. The Offspring: Self Esteem
      She keeps it hotter than my telescope
    38. The Offspring: Self Esteem
      An hour late? This little b***h...
    39. Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody
      Scan a moose, scan a moose do the fandango
    40. TobyMac: Till the day I die
      This is not an act, not a movie, not a titty show
    41. Green Day: Longview
      I locked the door to my hotel and I lost the key
    42. Donovan: Sunshine Superman
      I can make like a tutu in that form in purple you see.
    43. Marina and The Diamonds: Sex Yeah
      Eggs, eggs eggs yeah! Eggs, eggs, eggs yeah!
    44. Lykke Li: I Follow Rivers
      Oh, I follow, I'm following E.Ts baby
    45. Nirvana: Mollys Lips
      Kids kiss Mommys nips
    46. Britney Spears: Toxic
      Im addicted to you dont you know that youre chalk , stick
    47. Muse: The Small Print
      Sell, I'll sell your mammaries.
    48. Dead or Alive: You Spin Me Round
      You spin me rhine round, baby, Rhine round, like a red rainy, baby, Rhine round round round
    49. Def Leppard: When Love & Hate Collide
      It's like I'm here without you baby, Do your hands are hold Rolling Stone?
    50. The Stranglers: Duchess
      Duchess the terrorist never grew up, I hope she never will
    51. Mike Flowers Pops: Don't Cry For Me Argentina
      All through my wild days, , My manic sisters, , I kept my promise, , Don't keep your distance... , Never shed a tear and don't cry for Sergeant Tina, , They'll come and make a movie la musical-a-tina, , Genevieve and Donna, dirty doing in the street-a,
    52. Natacha Atlas: You Only Live Twice
      This string is for you, so pay the price
    53. Taylor Swift: Haunted
      You're no good on, you can't be good
    54. Eiffel 65: Blue (Da Ba Dee)
      I'm blue; I will pee, I will die.
    55. Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me
      Livin' like I love her with a red iPhone.
    56. Soundgarden: Outshined
      Who gets me some fire.
    57. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Pride and Joy
      She's my sweetie, little baby. I'm not a little , lover boy.
    58. Michael Jackson: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
      Mama say, "Momma saw what Momma saw!", Mama say, "Momma saw what Momma saw!"
    59. Go-Gos: Our Lips Are Sealed
      Alex the Seal
    60. Police: Message In A Bottle
      Message in a Park, oh yeah
    61. Velvet Revolver: Do it for the Kids
      About the day I tried to tame her. Never tried to , claim her. Just a gay man I had burned.
    62. Green Day: Walking Contradiction
      Do as I say not as I do because I s**t so deep you can't run , away
    63. John Mellencamp: Pink Houses
      There's a blind man, with a black cat, Living in a blind man's world, He's got an interstate running through his , front yard, You know he thinks he's God's gift to girls
    64. Deep Purple: Smoke On The Water
      We all came out to Montreux, On the way to see the shoreline
    65. A Day To Remember: Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End
      Disinfect your surroundings
    66. Mister, Mister: Kyrie
      Gimme a laser down the road that I must travel
    67. Theolophilus London: All Around The World
      Ooh, just shoot the sheriff, the party's goin' on , all night long
    68. Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?
      Do you ever get the feeling that you can't sh*t the , sounds that sound around like summer TNT?
    69. Twenty One Pilots: Polarize
      Help me pull her eyes out, help me pull her eyes out.
    70. Yes: Owner of a Lonely Heart
      Odor of Baloney Farts
    71. Sia: Cheap Thrills
      Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight, (Have fun! Do drugs!), Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight, (Have fun! Do drugs!)
    72. Beyonce: Grown Woman
      'Cause I pooted...
    73. Alicia Keys: Empire State of Mind
      I think I'm growing green tomatoes
    74. Jane's Addiction: Been Caught Stealing
      I didn't just give in.
    75. Jane's Addiction: Been Caught Stealing
      Sat around and laughed and waited for it to begin.
    76. Savage Garden: I Want You
      Getting coffee, getting parfait is what I live for
    77. Ok Go: Get Over It
      Lot of nuts, lot of snacks
    78. Pink: Just Like Fire
      We came here to party, party, party
    79. Frank Zappa: Let's Make the Water Turn Black
      Feeding all the boys, and let's get paid!
    80. Magic Man: Too Much
      There's too much eye makeup
    81. New Found Glory: All Downhill From Here
      Pikachu we're renting out your park
    82. Flume: Never Be Like You
      Please just look me in my face, Tell me everything's okay, Suck on it, Oo ooh, Never be like you
    83. Selena Gomez: Hands to Myself
      Hands to Muscles
    84. Selena Gomez: Heart Wants What It Wants
      what the f**k juan
    85. Andy Black: We Don't Have To Dance
      Record scratch; Ed Miliband
    86. Feelers, The: Venus
      "Come my little venous"
    87. Weird Al Yankovic: Another One Rides the Bus
      It was smelly like a macaroon there was junk all over the floor
    88. Twenty One Pilots: Ode To Sleep
      Metaphorically I'm a whore, and that's in aisle , number four.
    89. Twenty One Pilots: Holding Onto You
      Annotate my face
    90. Maria Muldaur: Midnight At The Oasis
      I know your daddy's ASSAULTED ...
    91. Vigiland: Shots & Squats
      Friggin' friggin' friggin' friggin' friggin' till , we drop., Potty potty potty potty potty 'round the clock.
    92. Twenty One Pilots: Heathens
      All my friends are hiddens. Take it show, Wait for them to *** you whole you know, Please don't bait kanishka then mocks, You don't know the apples the defuse
    93. Little Sea: The Way That You Move
      I'm a d**k tattoo
    94. Pantera: Walk
      Can't you see I'm easily bothered by your sister
    95. Melanie Martinez: Pity Party
      It's my party and I'm crying for London.
    96. America: You Can Do Magic
      A heart of stone can turn to FLAME
    97. Metallica: Fuel
      Gimme food, gimme five, gimme double China's eye.
    98. Metallica: Of Wolf and Man
      Sheep shiiitt, piss stains on the back of my neck, , sheep shiiit.
    99. Fall Out Boy: Centuries
      We've been here forever, We are the frozen fruit!
    100. Green Day: Redundant
      I'm speechless every time John goes 'cause I love , you's not enough