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Newest 100 Misheard Song Lyrics

Here are the newest 100 misheard song lyrics!

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  1. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Mary Jane's Last Dance
    Love stands for marriage cake
  2. Shinedown: Second Chance
    I just saw Hayley’s comet Julie / Said “why you always running in place?"
  3. Mark Ronson: Uptown Funk
    Them good girls straight masturbating
  4. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    Michelle fight for that white gold
  5. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    I'm too hot (hot damn), Make a dragon ball of retirement
  6. Paul McCartney: Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
    Admiral Halsey's going to fight me
  7. Scorpions: We built this house
    When the rain fell, And the flood came, And the wind blew hot like a hammer on these walls, We didn't crack or break or fall, We built this house in Iraq, This house in Iraq
  8. The Wonder Years: Dismantling Summer
    I throw up on your back porch , And I watched the storms light up play grounds
  9. Mamas and the Papas: California Dreamin'
    I've been for-a-warned, on a winters day
  10. Meat Loaf: I'd Do Anything for Love
    Cause we've been too lewd on a midsummer night swing
  11. Charlie XCX: Boom Clap
    Oh! Crap!, The sound of my heart, The beat goes nananananana, Oh! Crap!, You make me feel good, Come on to me, come on to me now
  12. Kylie Minogue: Too Much
    It's like a shark with tuna brain.
  13. Ke$ha: Tik Tok
    don't stop making pot!
  14. Steve Winwood: Higher Love
    I don't like banana with my shoulder pie
  15. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    "'Cause I'm some punk gonna give it to you"
  16. Beyonce: Best Thing I Never Had
    You turned out a paedo...
  17. Shania Twain: You're Still The One
    Looks like we mated
  18. Mariah Carey: Open Arms
    Your saucy sea
  19. Kelly Clarkson: People Like Us
    Throw your fish in the air.
  20. Sara Bareilles: Brave
    I wanna see you be crazy
  21. Traditional: The rattling bog
    Ohhh, the rat in a bra!
  22. Meghan Trainor: Lips are Moving
    "Talking about tacos with your tongue"
  23. Zedd: Find You
    I'll run away with your food stamps
  24. Depeche Mode: People Are People
    I can't understand, why Raisin Bran help another man? help me , understand.
  25. Magic!: Rude
    Don't you know that's what humans do?
  26. Right Said Fred: I'm Too Sexy
    I'm 264 my shirt,, 264 my shirt,, 260 it hurts
  27. Autograph: send her to me
    Guess you really made her feel so horny
  28. Lita Ford: Kiss Me Deadly
    Kiss me daddy
  29. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    Uptown f**k you up!
  30. Lorde: Royals
    You can call me green bean
  31. Panic! At The Disco: Turn Off the Lights
    Disarm my insecure titties
  32. Saving Abel: Sex Is Good
    I'm not in love with the sexiest dude
  33. Mark Ronson: Uptown Funk
    Silent, violent, livin' it up in the city
  34. Sam Smith: Leave Your Lover
    suck my milkmaid sour free
  35. Counting Crows: Big Yellow Taxi
    They pay paradise to up a f***ing light.
  36. Searchers, The: Love Potion No.9
    I took my troubles down to Madame Rue, You know that gypsy with the gold tattoo, She's got a pad down at Petticoat Mine, sellin' little bottles of Love Potion #9, , 2nd verse is the same, , She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink, She said I'm
  37. Ariana Grande: Problem
    Head in the clouds, Got no weight off my trousers
  38. Fleetwood Mac: Sisters of the Moon
    Some call her sister of the moon, Some say illusions, Are her game
  39. Kelly Clarkson: Already Gone
    Looking ugly makes it harder, But I know that you'll find another
  40. Elton John: Healing Hands
    Reach out for the healin' hands, Reach out for the healin' hands, Never liked when the doctor said,, "Touch me now, and let me see again.", Doctor, now! With your dentin' healin' hands.
  41. Mika: Love Today
    Jaques Jaques Lee
  42. Was (Not Was): Walk The Dinosaur
    Walkin' the dog, get on the floor., Everybody walk the dinosaur.
  43. Fleetwood Mac: Dreams
    I'm only white that you survive but listen carefree but listen happily , to the sound of your loneliness.Run run only happens when it's , raining
  44. Peter Allen: I Go To Rio
    I go to Rio, there's an arrow
  45. Gino Vanelli: Black Cars (Look Better In The Shade)
    She wears an acre of wax
  46. AC/DC: Have A Drink On Me
    Have a dream on me
  47. Die Antwoord: Enter the Ninja
    I seen the future, but I never got nothing in my , hand, Except my homophobic dreams and a pan.
  48. David Bowie: Did you ever have a dream
    did you ever have a dream or two, where the hero is a cunning Jew
  49. Survivor: Eye Of The Tiger
    Donald Duck took my chances
  50. Traditional: God save our queen
    God Shave our Queen
  51. ChocQuibTown: El Bombo
    Go and make a waffle
  52. Mercyful Fate: Gypsy
    Oh no no no, pouring rain
  53. Yngwie Malmsteen: teaser
  54. Van Halen: Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love
    Ain't Taco Bell love
  55. Miley Cyrus: Can't be Tamed
    I go though guys like Miley , flying through the hens
  56. Thompson Twins: Hold Me Now
    Warm my heart, (chorus) Oh my cold Italian heart
  57. Traditional: Erie Canal
    Ev'ry inch of the way we know,, from all bunnies to Buffalo
  58. Eddie Money: Shakin'
    Snappin' her fetus
  59. Rita Coolidge: Higher and Higher
    Cause a porn man was my closest friend
  60. Y Not: One by One
    Canada Dry when we wonder what we're coming from
  61. Bryan Adams: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
    and no other - cookie moulded
  62. Billy Joel: Pressure
    I'm sure you'll have some sort of cosmic rash by now
  63. Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody
    The algae bloom is a devil fart in symphony
  64. Bomfunk MC: Freestyler
    Rock the mother fawn
  65. Fergie: London Bridge
    It's like overtime I get up I'm a dude / Paparazzi put my penis in , the news
  66. Nelly: Ride With Me
    She could be 80 (80) with an attitude , or 90 kinda snotty actin real rude.
  67. Lady Gaga: Just Dance
    I got it, just stay close enough to me and , Don't smoke! Drop it, clean it, lasso, beat it
  68. Chris Brown: Run It
    I can definitly show you things, To have you sayin', I can be 16
  69. Ed Sheeran: Don't
    That heart is so cold, all over my arm
  70. Sam Smith: Money on my mind
    You seek a Jew write a song for me
  71. Jason Derulo: wiggle
    Got me in the club making wet implants
  72. Jason Derulo: Ridin' Solo
    I'm outta Solo.
  73. Evermore: Running
    Rotten egg.
  74. Abba: Dancing Queen
    You can bounce, You can dive, Having the jump of your life
  75. Breaking Benjamin: I Will Not Bow
  76. Portishead: Roads
    Ooh, can't anybody see, we've got a waterfight.
  77. Nothing More: This Is the Time (Ballast)
    We're inside ourselves
  78. Coldplay: Viva La Vida
    Feel the fear in my enemy's ass.
  79. Lil John: Get Low
    To the window, to the wall, to the sweatshop, to the mall
  80. Stealers Wheel: Stuck In The Middle With You
    No I don't want to kill you tonight
  81. Meghan Trainor: All About That Bass
    'Bout that bass, no trouble
  82. Rembrandts: I'll Be There For You
    So no one told you this was gonna be this way
  83. Bow Wow Wow: I want candy
    Gonna see him when the sun goes down. Ain't no fun avoiding town.
  84. Capital Cities: Safe And Sound
    Safe and Sound dadadadound,, Dadadada Safe and Sound!, , I'll fill your cup, dadadadup!
  85. Til Tuesday: Voices Carry
    Rush, rush, even downtown boys are scary
  86. Pegboard Nerds: Here It Comes
  87. Skrillex: Bangarang
    Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh shout to all my lost boys, free brownies!
  88. Russell Watson: Where My Heart Will Take Me
    I've got ertram, I've got faith, Enter the heart
  89. Merle Haggard: Grandma Harp
    We later sold the restaurant Sunday mornin'
  90. I call fives: Ready To Go
    I got a one way ticket for a two spray lip
  91. Taylor Swift: Blank Space
    Got a long list of Starbucks lovers
  92. Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi
    They came in the night and they put up a parking lot
  93. Trooper: Raise A Little Hell
    Pray for Little Hal
  94. Crush 40: His world
    Wear the ties as you move a thong
  95. Crush 40: What I'm made of
    Like a billion phases, I recognize them all
  96. Fleetwood Mac: Dreams
    When the rain one sheds you clean, you'll know
  97. Anthem Lights: Just Fall
    I would dive into Kenyans to save you
  98. Madonna: La Isla Bonita
    Last night I dreamed of some bagel
  99. Caramell: Caramelldansen
    Dance on your balls, Cat f****ing a handbag, Yours only yours, A walrus tickle dance pad, it's no lie, Lisa in the crowd said 'Look! Henry had a vagina , malfunction!'
  100. Eiffel 65: Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    I will beat up a guy

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