"Smooth Criminal" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

by Michael Jackson

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Misheard "Smooth Criminal" Lyrics

You've been hit by a SPOON criminal
She was sitting at the table, Eating sus
She went into the bathroom. She was suc
You've been hit by a smooth enema.
Annie, get your butt kicked. Annie, get
As he came in through the window it was
She was underneath the table making sush
Iguana baby, Iguana baby...
Annie are you walking
eddie are you ok
He came in an a-pardon me, With the butt
you've been kissed by you've been touche
Eddie, you're a wookie So, Eddie you're
Eddie are you OK? Are you jealous? Are
Annie are you Oakley? Are you Oakley Ann
Danny are you walking? Are you walking D
Halle Berry's talkin' Halle Berry's talk
Annie Are You Walking? So, Annie Are You
So she went into the bathroom she was fl
"Let the blastoise,on the carpet"
Eddie, are you walking? Are you walking,
Making sushi with her navel
Annie eat your oatcake
Anyway you're walking
Aniken's a wookie Aniken's a wookie he's
Annie are you wonky, will you tell us, t
Eddie are you walkin'? Are you walkin',
And the sound of the wisdom, Danny struc
auntie Are You Ok So, auntie Are You Ok
Annie are you walking? Are you walking?
Eddie are you okay? Are you okay? Are yo
Annie Can You Walk J Can You Walk J, Ann
annie i'm a monkey i'm an monkey i'm an
annie i'm a monkey i'm a monkey i'm a mo
you'll be hot by you'll be stung by a sc
So, Annie are walking? Are you walking A
The casheeshee wasn't able.
Daddy are you ok? I know your jealous, a
annie get you walikng, so annie get your
Annie are you wonky, are you wonky, are
Annie could you rotate?
Eddie, are you walking?
Annie, are you voting?
you've been hit by the subliminal.
Annie are you wookie? Are you wookie? Ar
eddie are you working , are you working
She was sitting at the table. You see sh
Alien cocaine cocaine cocaine yay
Annie gotsheewhoptshee? So, Annie gotshe
Eddie are you walking?
Anyone who wants me, one who wants me Do
then she ran into the bathroom she was s
Eddie, are you ok.
Any jedi wookie! Jedi wookie! Jedi wooki
You've been struck by a smooth billy goa
Eddie are you ok
Annie are you ok? But you're jealous - b
Anywhere you're walkin'. Anywhere you're
eddie are you ok
Annie are you walking?
Are you alright are you alright Eddie
Any are you walking so any are you walki
Making sushi with her navel.
Ellie, are you walking?
Annie, do you want cake? Are you wonky,
He could see she was a table
Annie are you all gay?
Annie is you walking? Annie are you wal
Annie eat a cupcake Eat a cupcake Eat a
He left the groceries on the carpet.
annie are wonky are you wonky are you w
Then you ran into the bathroom You were

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