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    Rocket man, burning up his hair and hell and gone

    Artist: Elton John
    Song: Rocket Man
    Real Lyric: Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone.

    The story:

    For years I had heard this song and could not, for the life of
    me, decipher what he was saying so I just sang them the
    way I heard them.

    Well, my nephew, who I've written about in another post on
    the song Centerfold, convinced me to call a radio show and
    'compete' with others about the meaning of this song. In his
    opinion, so he said, I had the lyrics down pat.

    So, like a Moron, I called and was put on hold with a few

    What I didn't know is that my nephew had called practically
    every family member and friend (and had them do the same
    thing) while I waited through three commercials for my turn.

    When the DJs finally got to me they already knew the lyric I
    wanted to guess as to the meaning because I had to tell the
    operator. They were snickering when they called my name...
    which should have alerted me ghat something was amiss.
    But, to be honest, I was really nervous so I didn't give it any

    Well, they told me they knew I wanted to guess what the
    meaning of a lyric in Elton John's Rocket Man but in order to
    compete I had to SING the griffin's lyric! After a couple of
    prods from them and my nephew who was now back in the
    room with me, I decided to go for it.

    I sang "Rocket man... burning up his hair and gone" in my
    best Elton voice and they put me on hold. I had no idea why
    until afterward. They came back on and asked me what I
    thought the lyric meant.

    I said something like "I'm guessing it's a British euphemism
    for going stir crazy... you know... kind of like Americans say
    'I'm going to pull out my hair."

    This explanation and the fact that I'd gotten the lyric
    completely wrong AND that my nephew was literally rolling
    on the floor clutching his stomach laughing and could be
    heard by the DJs brought the house down.

    They actually played the song for me, slowed down the
    stanza where the lyric I misunderstood is twice and, since it
    was ingrained in my mind one particular way, I actually
    argued with them about what he was singing.

    Long story short ... I was finally able to hear the correct
    lyrics, was called multiple times by my family and friends
    who harangued me mercilessly for about two weeks. But,
    hey, the station actually sent me a CD of Elton's greatest hits
    so I guess it was worth it.

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