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"MMMBop" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

by Hanson

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Misheard "MMMBop" Lyrics

Can you see that a flower is a rose? Gi
When you're old you've lost your hair, B
Who rocks the papertowel, I do rock the
It's gonna be a cheesy-o road.
Doin it up my dupah
You go through all the pain and strife A
We're gay yea
Mmmpob Doobedall shoove it all ala Do Wa
Yesterday an Asian took his life He only
mmmbop doey up the washingup
bit the towel, bow, do wop
You have so many relationships isn't tha
Only wanted to relax
Can you tell me, which flower's gonna gr
"Zordon don't want to really care"
mmmbop, take your top off, doowop
Mmmbop pop the top i do i dude i do i po
Oh yeah, they're all going on slim fast.
MMMBop break the top ba du bop
It's gonna be a cheesy-o road
It's gonna be a cheesy-ohhhhhhh
It's a chicken no one knows
Itīs a sugered nose
Mmm Bop I do it up my doowop
Granny wants a loosy
Yesterday an Asian ended his life only h
You said you're gay but you don't know
You can plan a windy nose
Yes, the man who was Asian took his life
Yesterday an asian took his life, only w
A man who was asian took his life he onl
so we just gone to Medicare and the Indi

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