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    The Four Most Frequently Misheard Lady Gaga Lyrics of All Time

    Lady Gaga is arguably a songstress extraordinaire , with 27 million album sales, six Grammys, three Brit Awards, and 13 Guinness World Records to her name. Talented, controversial, and prolific, she has a vast catalogue of lyrical creations behind her, so it’s little wonder some of their number have caused confusion.

    It happens to every artist who achieves such a degree of fame and notoriety: the more their records are played and heard, the more likely it is one will come along which leaves us asking the inevitable question: what exactly does that particular line say?

    Want to know some of the funniest misheard Lady Gaga lyrics of all time? Then here are four of our favorites…


    Released in 2009, “Alejandro” was the third single from Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster. Gaining largely positive reviews, it was widely compared to the works of ABBA, Ace of Base, and Madonna, but that didn’t stop people from pondering what one particular line meant: “dog on my knee, dog on my knee, Alejandro”. In fact, this rather perplexing collection of words actually translated to “don’t bother me, don’t bother me”, which makes far more sense.

    “Poker Face”

    Taken from the songstresses’ debut studio album, The Fame, which came out in 2008, “Poker Face” was one of Gaga’s first works to cause confusion, thanks to a line many heard as “b-b-b-booger face, b-b-booger face”.

    The real lyric was, of course, “p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face”, an ode to the blank expression adopted by players during the titular poker, a casino game widely played in various formats at sites like PartyCasino, one of the most experienced operators in the industry .

    With the game’s online incarnation hugely growing in popularity over the last decade - even that of its little brother, video poker as well as live casino poker games - due to the internet and its domination of the entertainment industry, one can only assume the many in need of educating will gradually disappear as the years go by and this Gaga classic endures.

    “Bad Romance”

    Despite the brilliance of our earlier offerings, our favourite misheard Gaga lyric is still to come: the wonderful “call in the bedroom ants”. Taken from “Bad Romance”, another track on her 2009 EP The Fame Monster, the line actually reads “caught in a bad romance”, but we personally prefer the alternative.

    Although it makes little sense when taken in context with the rest of the song, there’s no denying it conjures a ridiculously brilliant image - one that will have you laughing for hours afterwards.


    Perhaps one of the most consistently misheard lyrics comes from 2011 single “Judas”, when the line that should read “I’m just a holy fool and baby he’s so cruel” is taken as “I’m just a horny fool and baby it’s so cool”. Given some of Gaga’s other material, one can see where such a mistake might stem from, yet the reality is a whole lot more PC than the frequently misinterpreted alternative.

    Tell us, which of these misheard Lady Gaga lyrics gave you the biggest laugh? Our vote has to go to number three!