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"Killer Queen" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

by Queen

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Misheard "Killer Queen" Lyrics

Got my virginity, Dynamite with a laser
A milk man from China.
She's a killer queen, goodbye to gelatin
Catlike agility
She's a killer queen Got by the jellybe
She keeps her Mo, Anna, Sean Doe in a pr
Goodbye to cheddar cheese.
gun powder and terpitine
shes a killer queen - got fine agility,
carbide and turpentine
"Decadent cake" she says, just like Mari
Goodbye to gelatine
She keeps a moo and a shandal in a prett
She's a Killer Queen, Not bad at Jeopard
Welfare stanetiquette
She keeps a' my way of shinin', in a pre
She keeps mooing in Schaumburg
building a reveille for kruschev and ken
Little man from China went down the gay
well first Connecticut
Perfume came naturally from Paris, from
Got 500 jelly beans
Temporarily out of time.
Gunpowder, eternity Dynamite it will mak
Met a man-vagina bent down to geisha min
recommended underpants, insatiable an ap
She's a killer queen somebody cut the ch
gunpowder cheddar cheese, dynamite with
Got by the Jebatty, Down a mine, with a
Rubber band she's as willing as
Perfume came naturally from Paris Becaus
Shot down and turpentine, dynamite with
Little man vagina bound to get Jemimah
she's a killer queen goodbye virginity
wreck a man in underpants, sensational a
Cinnamon from China Went down to get a m
Met a man vagina
Dynamite will have tripped her team
She's a killer queen goodbye debate team
Goodbye in summertime
Kalamari, Cheddar Cheese Dinah might, wi
She keeps mooning her shadow in her pret
Paperback Vagina
A built in remedy for cruise jobs and vi
She keeps moving and chanting In a prett
Little man's vagina went down to Geisha
Little man's vagina went down to Geisha
She keeps 'em always shined up in her pr
She's a killer queen. Got fine agility
Got that agility, dynamite with a laser
Melmac, china, down to Asia Minor

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