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    "You Sexy Thing" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Hot Chocolate

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "You Sexy Thing" Lyrics

    I Believe in Milkbones
    I believe in milko
    I believe in milkballs!
    I believe that Mel's cool
    Are you bleeding mental? Where you from,
    I believe in velcro.
    I believe in mail call.
    I love the way you touch me down there
    I believe in mackerels.
    I believe in miracles, Wear a bra, You s
    I believe in Malcolm
    save the world you sexy pig
    I believe in milkholes
    I believe in alcohol
    I believe in Malcom Where You From? You
    I believe in marigolds; where ya from, y
    I was leaving my car, where's your bra y
    I'm a leaving lily cone. Where you fall,
    I believe in MAACO.
    where did you come from Aj? How did you
    I've been leaving Milly Coyles
    i can do the urkle
    I believe in meatballs
    i believe in milko
    alle lieben mirko
    I believe in Melkor
    I beleive in milktrucks
    When I'm cleaning window
    I believe in no calls
    I believe in knuckles
    I believe in Knuckles
    I believe in knuckles
    calling seargent milco
    i can see your nipples
    Gonna need a knuckle, Where from? You se
    I believe in mongos
    Itchy b***hy Spider climbed up the wate
    I believe in Malcom
    i belive in miracles wheres your thong y
    I believe in Milka when you come along.
    I believe in uncle
    I believe in merkles
    I believe in Malcolm
    I believe in milko.
    I believe in no clothes.
    I believe in mucus
    i believe in milk holes
    I believe in Malcolm
    I believe in miracles, Wear a thong, U s
    I believe in milko
    I believe in milko
    I believe in urkel
    I believe in Millwall

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