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    "Voices Carry" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Til Tuesday

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "Voices Carry" by Til Tuesday? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "Voices Carry" Lyrics

    Don't touchI wanna go downtownIn my new
    Keep it down now, this is scary
    Oh Charles, keep it down now, this is Ca
    Oh hush, we remember Mrs. Carrie.
    Oceans; leaking out now-- was so scary
    Oh, George Even downtown this is scary
    Hush hush Keep her down now This is scar
    Hush Hush Mrs. Selnor, this is scary
    Oh Jane, Even down town, This is scary
    go down keep it downtown sister carrie
    Hush hush We've been downtown Mrs. Garry
    Hush, hush, Even downtown, You're so sca
    This is scary
    Hush Hush keep it down now prince is sca
    Hush, Hush which is scary
    even down town this is scary
    Rush, Rush, Come on go down now, this is
    Hush...eating downtown, was so scary.
    Hush Hush, Carry on now, Richard's Scary
    Even down South, voices carry
    Oh touch, even downtown, was so scary
    we've been downtown, sister Carey
    Oh George, we go downtown, this is Gary.
    Hush even downtown this is scary
    Hush, even downtown, voices scary
    Hush Hush, keep it down now, Mrs. Gary
    it's tough even downtown mrs. carey
    Oh, Josh, Even downtown It's so scary.
    Hush, hush Even downtown Voices carry
    Hush hush, we're in the snow now, I'm a
    Hush, hush, keep it down now, Mr. Scary.
    Hush,Hush,Keep it down now Joyce's Hairy
    Oh shush Keep it downtown Christmas Carr
    Hush, Hush....keep it down Doll...this i
    Hush, hush; even downtown voices carry
    Josh? We met downtown. This is Carrie.
    Hush, hush, Take it downtown, Bush is
    Old church even downtown This is Gary
    Hush Hush Keep it down now It's so scary
    Oh Josh, even downtown, voices carry
    hush keep it down now your voice is sca
    Hush Hush even downtown Voices carry
    hush, even downtown, this is kerry
    You're so scary
    Oh Josh, you went downtown, was it scary
    We s**t Both in the earth
    Oh hush, keep it down now, it's so scary
    Hush Hush...keep it down now...BOYS ARE
    Oh shush: "keep her down now." You're so
    Hush hush, keep it down now, voice is sc
    Rush, rush, even downtown boys are scary
    Oh Josh, even downtown is so scary
    "Hush hush, keep it down girl, voice of

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