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    "Takin' Care Of Business" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by BTO

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    Misheard "Takin' Care Of Business" Lyrics

    Bakin' Carrot Biscuits!
    Taking care of bee's nests
    Taking care of pigeons....
    I been taking care of fishsticks
    Takin' care of biscuits
    Baking Carrot Biscuits...everyday.
    Taking care of biscuits every day
    Taking care of misfits every day
    and I've been taking care of BISCUIT, ev
    Taking care of biscuits every day Taking
    And I'll be... Taking care of biscuits e
    Takin' care of biscuits...every day!
    Bacon an a Buscuits
    Bakin' carrot biscuits, And workin' on a
    It's easy as fishin, you could be a beau
    Takin' care of frisbees
    Takin' care of Prisoners
    Takin care of prisoners...
    1)Get up from your long-box warming. 2)I
    If it was easy ass fishing you could be
    Takin' care of Fizz Fizz.
    take me to a biscuit
    Bake a can of biscuits
    Takin' Care of Fish Lips
    Taken' care of Biscuits
    Make a can of biscuits
    you wake up every morning to the long c*
    takin care of biscuts
    Take good care of my sister, when I'm aw
    They get up every morning From their lon
    Bakin' carrot biscuits...
    And if your train's on time you can get
    And start to have your chocolate cake so
    Takin' Care of Prisoners
    Takin' care of business, pigs on ice!
    Taking care of prisoners

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