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    "Lodi" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "Lodi" by Creedence Clearwater Revival? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "Lodi" Lyrics

    Oh Lord, I'm stokin' on an ole dye again
    Oh Lord, I'm stuck in low gear again
    Oh lord, I'm sucking on an old diaphragm
    Oh no, I'm stuck in an ol' lie again *or
    Oh, Lord, Suckin' an old tire again.
    oh lord, suckin' on old diane again
    Oh, Lord, suckin' on an old diaper pin.
    Stuck in a low dive again.
    Suckin' on old Diane again.
    Oh Lord, I'm suckin' an old guy young.
    Oh lord, I'm stuck in an old tire bin
    Oh, No, stuck on my old diet pills
    Oh Lord hoping that I don't die young
    Oh lord, I'm stuck in a low diet bin
    Sucking on old daiphrams
    Every time I've passed the place my peop
    Oh Lord Stuck in an ol' tire bin
    stuck in low drive again
    Oh Lord, looks like old die young again
    Oh, Lord, stuck in a low, die up in.
    Oh Lord, stalking an old guy again
    I'm sucking on old diaphrams
    I'll be the b***h she turns on, she'll b
    Oh lord suckin on old Diane again
    Oh Lord, I'm stuck in old diane again
    Oh, Lord, I'm sucking an old guy again
    Oh, Lord, I'm stuck in an old dry oven
    "Oh Lord, I'm stroking an old guy again.
    Oh, no, suckin' a lone diaphragm
    Oh, Lord, I'm stalkin' an old guy again
    I'm suckin' on old Diane again
    Oh Lord, smokin' an old guy up again
    Oh Lord, suckin' on old tire pins
    I stuck it in old Di (Dianna) again
    Oh Lord, I'm stuck in an old dryer again
    Oh Lord, suckin on old diaphragms

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