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    "Crazy Train" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

    by Ozzy Osbourne

    Did you or a friend mishear a lyric from "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne? Click here and tell us!

    Misheard "Crazy Train" Lyrics

    But I'm eating lots of snails off a wind
    I'm goin' all the way on a gravy train.
    Crazy, but that's how he rolls...
    Ankle-horn go skiing Driving me insane
    I'm gonna rob the mail from the gravy tr
    With bird s**t on this loney view
    I'm going up the ramps in increasing pai
    maybe, it's not too late, to learn about
    Is the room still spinning
    I'm going out for ribs on the crazy trai
    I'm mentally dumb...
    Crazy, but that's how she rolls/millions
    I'm after ray and his crazy friends
    Crazy, but that's how it goes Millions o
    I'm eating a lot of snails on the Gravy
    I'll go deliver the mail with a hazy bra
    Little Bo's still screaming Driving me i
    I'm going out with Ray and his crazy fri
    I know that deep down you're in love wit
    Mental wounds revealing who and what's t
    millions of people eating crows
    millions of people eating crows
    I'm goin off the rails on a gravy train
    going down the river in a gravy plate
    I am peeling off my nails on a crazy can
    Millions of people with millions of toes
    Olive Roll
    I'm going after a real dumb and crazy th
    Millions of people, living assholes
    Crazy, but that's how it goes Millions o
    Crazy, but that's how it goes Millions o
    Bitter wounds not healing Driving me ins
    I'm going after a bowl of the Gravy Trai
    Nipple wounds not healing Life's a bitte
    Blowing off the wheels of this crazy tra
    Billiards and people living with toes
    I'm going off to the rails on a crazy fe
    Vladimir is gay
    Nipple wounds not healing Life's a bitte
    Nipple wounds not healing Life's a bitte

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