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    Viva Las Vegas: Origins Behind the Most Popular Misheard Lyrics of All Time

    When it comes to misheard song lyrics, it's the most iconic ones which often receive the most hilarious entries. From Stevie Wonder's timeless classic "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" ("Down to the river, onions!") to Def Leppard's sexy rock and roll anthem "Pour Some Sugar On Me"("living with a lover with a red iPhone"), it seems we just love to find our own words for the best songs.

    One of the most timeless “earworms" is a song we all know and love, the King of Rock Elvis Presley's 1963 banger "Viva Las Vegas". The song was an instant hit when it came out, as millions of newly affluent Americans began to relate to a bouncy rock beat which celebrated the glorious excesses of the newly prominent gambling Mecca, Las Vegas.

    The track has over 50,000,000 plays on popular music streaming site Spotify, making it one of the most popular Elvis songs to this very day. The song has since gone on to become one of the most performed tunes of all time, going on to be sung by countless pop stars, entertainers, impressionists and of course, casino performers over the course of the last 55 years.

    As well as being performed countless times, fans have also misheard the lyrics countless times, resulting in some of the funniest entries we've ever had on this site. Here's why "Viva Las Vegas" is one of the world's favorite songs, and how so many people have misheard the lyrics.

    The Making of An Iconic Track

    The song was originally written by superstar songwriters Doc Portus and Mort Shuman as the lead soundtrack single for the iconic Elvis movie, Viva Las Vegas. The hit American musical was released in 1964, a year after Elvis first recorded the song, by the Hollywood mega studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer, and went on to be Elvis's most successful film role by far.

    In the movie, Elvis plays a happy-go-lucky race car driver, who becomes burdened with debt so works the casino tables in order to pay it off. He sings the song surrounded by beautiful showgirls at the casino's big annual talent show, going on the win the grand prize.

    The song has since become an icon of American culture, and casino culture more generally, with Betway describing exactly why, calling the song an enduring classic which "captures the energy and excitement of stepping into a casino more than any other". It's a celebration of one of the most enduring images of American culture, celebrating "black, poker and the roulette wheel, of fortune won and lost on every deal" in a way that no other song has done before or since.

    In fact, the song has become so synonymous with casino culture that one of the co-writers stated that he was able to live completely off royalties paid to him solely by slot machines, which continue to belt out the tune every time a lucky player hits the jackpot!

    Misheard Melodies

    Although Elvis famously never performed the song live throughout his entire career, that hasn't stopped people from completely misattributing the lyrics. While you'd think it would be difficult to forget such classic lyrics as "there's a thousand pretty women waiting out there, and they're all livin' the Devil may care", you'd be wrong. Some of the most frequent examples of missing the lyrics include "bebo loves bacon" and the somewhat ironic "we've all lost wages".

    It turns out Elvis songs are some of the most misheard on the planet. His smash hit single "Hound Dog" is a textbook example, with thousands of people claiming to at-first hear the line "you ain't ever pornographic and you ain't no friend of mine" when that iconic chorus drops!

    There have actually been a few theories as to why the King of Rock is so misheard, the most accepted one being that his characteristically slurred, slow and low voice makes it difficult to pick out each word. Either way, we all continue to enjoy the legendary musical output of the one and only King, as we hopefully will forever more.

    Do you have any lyrics that you've misheard? Share them with us and we'll publish them on this site!